The Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta by J. David Spurlock presents a comprehensive look at the prolific fantasy artist’s work. The first printing instantly sold out during the COVID-19 pandemic, so Vanguard Publishing rushed it back to press for regular and deluxe hardcover editions.

Lauded as the greatest fantasy artist, Frazetta took elements of pulp covers and heightened them with fine art flourish and detail. His work defined the look of characters like Conan, Tarzan, and John Carter of Mars and his art has been compared to greats like Norman Rockwell and Frederic Remington. Frazetta inspired fantasy film and TV series like Conan and Game of Thrones, as well as directors like Tim Burton and George Lucas.

The book features the Egyptian Queen, which sold for the world record $5.4 million, on the cover. Spurlock used the 1970s art book Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta as inspiration, expanding it with twice as many images. The 10.5” x 14.6” coffee table book features large images of both popularly seen and unpublished works. In addition to a regular hardcover version, a deluxe slipcase edition is available, signed by Spurlock and Frazetta Museum director Frank Frazetta Jr.

The book has garnered praise from industry professionals and Frazetta fans. It was Bud Plant’s No. 1 bestseller of the year, it topped the Amazon Hot New Release list, is a Rondo Award nominee, and on the Locus Recommended Reading list.

The 120-page regular hardcover edition is $39.95 and the 138-page deluxe version is $69.95.