“With the upcoming, highly anticipated, announcement of the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men #1 is one of the hottest, most sought-after comics on the planet in a market which has already been a raging inferno for quite some time,” Vincent Zurzolo, COO of ComicConnect, said. “I get more calls for X-Men #1 than any other comic.”  

ComicConnect brokered the sale of an X-Men #1 CGC 9.4 in November 2020 for $215,000 and in March 2021 a CGC 9.0 copy sold for $95,000. “While I’m thrilled to report new record sales, the market is so hot right now that I’m positive that if given another crack at it today, these comics would easily sell for much higher,” Zurzolo added.  

ComicConnect just added a high grade copy of X-Men #1 CGC 9.6 to their upcoming Event Auction #46. “We’ve strived to establish ComicConnect as the primary option for consignors to sell the very best Silver Age investment material,” Zurzolo said. “Investors throughout the world look to my firm to offer the rarest, most valuable collectibles. I’m very proud to represent this treasure at auction, which will easily become the most valuable X-Men #1 ever sold.”    

Consignors are eligible for cash upfront against the auction of CGC-certified comics, original comic art, WATA-certified video games, and Pokémon cards consigned to ComicConnect’s next big auction. ComicConnect’s Director of Consignments, Rob Reynolds, can be reached at robr@comicconnect.com or toll free (888) 779-7377 for immediate assistance with collections.