The Kids Love Comics (KLC) Pavilion is returning to the Baltimore Comic-Con on October 22-24, 2021. Offering family-friendly activities and demonstrations, attendees can learn how to draw aliens, make their own comics, and create their own animal superhero in classes taught by comic creators. Kids can also attend Super Hero University where they will design their own secret identity, make a mask, cape, and emblem.

The KLC Pavilion will be hosted by comic creators and brothers Mark and Chris Mariano, with teachers Art Baltazar and Franco (Tiny Titans), Mika Song (Donut Feed the Squirrels), John Gallagher (Max Meow: Cat Crusader), Carolyn Belefski (Curls), Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs), and Jamar Nicholas (Leon).

“We’re so happy to bring a kids and creators together, thanks to Baltimore Comic-Con and after such a long time away from each other, these kids creators are raring to entertain, sign books, and do sketches for young fans,” Mark Mariano said.

On Sunday, they’ll have a special program for educators and parents, hosted by KLC founders Harold Buchholz, Jimmy Gownley, and John Gallagher. They will introduce an initiative to increase literacy and encourage reading at schools.

Additional kids comics creative guests are Frank Cammuso (Edison Beaker), Gregg Schiegiel (SpongeBob SquarePants), Chris Schweizer (Maker Comics), Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred), J. Robert Deans (Shakes the Cow), and others. The full guest list for Kids Love Comics is on the Baltimore Comic-Con website.