Get ready to join the G.I. Joes to take down the dreaded Cobra! Renegade Game Studios has opened the new G.I. Joe Roleplaying Game for preorders.

Through this game, G.I. Joe fans can become the real American heroes from their favorite toys, cartoons, and movies. Players get to create their own Joe character by choosing their military training origin, personal traits, and role in the organization. The game was designed by industry pros Ryan Costello, Ben Heisler, and Paige Leitman in a format where one Gamemaster leads the story for a group of players.

The game book includes everything needed to create a character and play the game. It also contains an introductory adventure for the new team. The full color hardcover book is filled with 304 pages of content and retails for $55.

For a limited time the preorders will come with a PDF copy of the game at no additional cost.