The ComicConnect team is on the road for convention season and is accepting consignments in Charlotte, Chicago, and Mennen, NJ before traveling to San Diego. “This year, you’ll be able to visit with me and my team at more conventions than ever, starting with HeroesCon,” ComicConnect co-founder Vincent Zurzolo said.

On June 24-26, 2022, ComicConnect will attend HeroesCon at the Charlotte Convention Center at booth #1168. They will accept comics, original comic art, pulps, sealed video tapes and games, and other collectibles.

“We’re thrilled to join tens of thousands of collectors and we’ll be bringing comics, original art, and other great collectibles along with us for you to purchase,” Zurzolo added. “Come celebrate the 40th anniversary of HeroesCon with us. I’d love to chat with anyone thinking about consigning to our next auction. Stop by and get a cash advance; it’s money in your pocket before the auction even begins.”

The team will then travel to the inaugural Fan Expo Chicago, the Garden State Comic Fest, and then finally San Diego Comic-Con.

Collectors can request specific books from their inventory for any of the shows by emailing orders@metropoliscomics.com or calling (800) 229-6387. “No obligation, we’re happy to assist with anything you may need,” Zurzolo said. “At each show, I am buying everything from entire collections to just a single comic, plus original comic art, Pokémon boxes, pulps, video games, almost anything and everything – so stop by for an offer, it’s free.”

ComicConnect is located in Midtown Manhattan and they can be reached by calling (212) 260-4147 for an appointment.