Every fall (well, late summer), Spirit Halloween stores pop up all over the country to provide costumes, decorations, and all kinds of accoutrements for Halloween festivities. This year, they are taking the scares one step further with Spirit Halloween: The Movie.

Strike Back Studios released the first trailer, introducing a group of middle school aged friends who feel that they’ve outgrown trick ‘r treating. They come up with a more thrilling alternative to celebrate the spooky holiday: spending the night locked in a Spirit Halloween store located at a deserted strip mall. Their overnight adventure gets scary quick when the store’s animatronic characters become possessed by an angry spirit. Now they must attempt to survive the scary night and avoid being possessed themselves.

Cinematographer David Poag is making his directorial debut with Spirit Halloween. The kid-friendly scary movie stars Marissa Reyes (Raven’s Home), Jaiden J. Smith (Two Sentence Horror Stories), Dylan Martin Frankel (Life & Beth), and Donovan Colan (Chapelwaite), with Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook.

Spirit Halloween will be in theaters and streaming in the fall of 2022.