Tabletop gamers will play to stop the apocalypse in Renegade Game Studios’ newest offering, Good Omens: An Ineffable Game. Players will engage in seven cooperative battle games featuring different challenges that can be played at varying levels of difficulty.

The game will feature both the loved and dislikable characters to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, fight heaven, vanquish hell, and prevent the apocalypse. Each of the battles is themed around the confrontations at the end of Prime Video series’ first season. The show is based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Amazon Studios to bring fans a Good Omens game,” Renegade Game Studios President Scott Gaeta said. “Being a huge fan myself, it was important that we capture the spirit of the show and I think that designer, Matt Hyra, came up with something fans will really enjoy.” 

Renegade will produce three versions of the game with unique box art and bonus items. The Amazon exclusive version includes 12 foil versions of the character cards, the Barnes & Noble version will have a Heaven & Hell themed black and silver embroidered Good Omens dice bag, and the Hobby Market version has an Agnes Nutter Book of Prophecies themed green and gold dice bag.

“Good Omens: An Ineffable Game promises to bring the world of Good Omens to life in an exciting new way,” Amazon Studios Head of Licensing & Merchandising Jamie Kampel said. “We are thrilled to be creating this game in collaboration with a well-known board game publisher like Renegade, who is passionate about the property and has adeptly captured the tone and details of the series in a way that will delight fans.” 

The Good Omens: An Ineffable Game will retail for $25 and is schedule for release on June 5, 2023. It is now open for preorders.