Chucky has traveled from Chicago to Hollywood to suburban New Jersey, and now the sadistic killer doll has entered the White House. Syfy and USA Network have released the first trailer for Chucky season three, revealing that politics aren’t the only touchy subject at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Henry Collins, the son of President James Collins, has found a new favorite toy in Chucky. At first his intentions seem unclear until he calls Jake, Lexy, and Devon to taunt them, suggesting that Chucky is going to do something terrible in the White House.

The teenage survivors plan to kill Chucky – again – inside the White House. Meanwhile, Tiffany Valentine is in prison and Lexy’s little sister, Caroline, has become Chucky’s accomplice and “friend to the end.”

Brad Dourif is back to voice Chucky with franchise creator Don Mancini as the showrunner, marking their 35th year with the character. Jennifer Tilly is back as Tiffany, as are Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, Björgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, and Carina Battrick as Caroline. Devon Sawa is continuing his run of portraying a different character each season. It started with twin brothers Logan and Luke Wheeler in season one, then Father Bryce in season two, and for season three, Sawa will portray President James Collins.

The show is also continuing the tradition of naming episodes after movies, starting with “Murder at 1600.” Other confirmed titles include “Let the Right One In,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and the annual Halloween episode is titled “Halloween III: Season of the Witch.”

Chucky season three will debut on Syfy and USA on October 4, 2023, then on Peacock the next day.