DC; July 1977
Cover by Joe Kubert

Title: “Untitled”
While Ragman battles various thugs, blind/mute orphan Teddy brings the missing money mystery to a fiery close.

Writer: Robert Kanigher
Penciler: Joe Kubert

Review: Co-creator Joe Kubert picks up the pencil and brush for this final issue of Ragman. The results are as delightful as expected, but not really that much of a change (the “Junk Mail” letters column in this issue confirms the artist had been doing layouts for this series all along). Unlike other series that were victims of the era’s early cancellations, Kubert and writer Bob Kanigher seem to have known Ragman was ending. This issue does a great job in wrapping up several plot threads, particularly the mystery of the missing money. This conclusion fits the overall tone of the series perfectly.

Grade: A-

Cool factor: This moody series wraps up nicely, giving it the feel of a great miniseries – before the format was invented!
Not-so-cool factor:
How did the missing millions become just a million?

Character quotable: “Okay, puss … you’ll get your milk … as long as you keep my secret!” – Rory Regan, Ragman and cat lover

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