Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for August 3-9, 2018...

150 years ago August 9, 1868 André Gill’s cartoon Monsieur X…? makes fun of judges (and eventually results in a fine).

115 years ago August 9, 1903 Actor Tom Tyler is born. He stars as Captain Marvel in Republic’s 1941 The Adventures of Captain Marvel serial.

100 years ago August 3, 1918 Dutch political cartoonist Albert Hahn dies at age 41.

85 years ago August 7, 1933 Prolific gag cartoonist Sam Gross is born. He is cartoon editor of Parents Magazine and National Lampoon.

60 years ago August 6, 1958 Letterer Susan E. Dorne is born.

60 years ago August 8, 1958 Writer J.P. McEvoy dies at age 61. He wrote Dixie Dugan.

55 years ago August 7, 1963 Serbian cartoonist Sasa Rakezic is born. He produces comics as Aleksandar Zograf.

50 years ago August 3, 1968 Artist Neil O’Keeffe dies at age 77. He drew Inspector Wade and Dick’s Adventures in Dreamland.

30 years ago August 7, 1988 Animator-composer-director Wilfred Jackson dies at age 82. Known for his work for Walt Disney, he helped develop the system that added sound to “Steamboat Willie” and worked on a number of award-winning Disney projects.

10 years ago August 5, 2008 E.C. artist and Segway patent-application design artist Jack Kamen dies of cancer at age 88.

10 years ago August 5, 2008 Archie Comic Publications Chairman and Co-Publisher Michael Silberkleit dies of cancer at age 76.

10 years ago August 6, 2008 Dutch artist Arnold H. Clerkx dies at age 88. He was known for Ling Khi Tong and Joessoef.

5 years ago August 6, 2013 Writer-artist Stan Lynde dies at age 81 from cancer. He created Rick O’Shay and Latigo.