Marvel; December 1976
Cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins

Title: “Star-Search: Dust and Demons”
Two bug-like, mobile cities clash, leaving the Inhumans trapped in the middle of their war.

Writer: Doug Moench
George Pérez
Don Perlin

Review: The addition of a second mobile city makes this issue feel a bit like a rerun, though writer Doug Moench gets good mileage out of the cities’ clash. Moench’s foreshadowing of the “War Between the Three Galaxies” continues to tantalize, but there better be some payoff soon. George Pérez returns as artist for one issue, and his pencils hold up much better to Don Perlin’s inks. Of all the Bronze Age artists, Pérez seems least inker-dependent, as the strength of his early work comes more from strong storytelling than refined pencils.

Grade: B

Cool factor: George Pérez’s storytelling. His three-issue absence from this title just made hearts grow fonder.

Notable: There’s a LoC on the “Black Bolt Bulletins” letters page from future Eclipse publisher Dean Mullaney.

Character quotable: “Hey, not so sloppy, you big, lovable, goofy pooch! You’re getting my hair wet – and I won’t be able to do a thing with it!” – Medusa, sharing an “eewww” moment with Lockjaw

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