DC; November 1976
Cover by Joe Kubert

Title: “75-25 or Die”
Thugs keep looking for more than $2 million in missing loot – but find only pain when messing with Ragman.

Writer: Robert Kanigher
Penciler: Redondo Studio
Redondo Studio

Review: This second installment of Ragman is as good as the first, with writer Bob Kanigher building on the moody atmosphere of the series’ debut. His hardboiled but poetic style is a perfect fit for this title, and only an overly abrupt ending keeps this story from earning a perfect grade. The art, provided by the Redondo Studio, remains up to the task; the Joe Kubert influence is again obvious, but one can also see traces of a Gene Colan-like style. Could there be two better influences for a shadowy, atmospheric book like Ragman?

Grade: A-

Cool factor: Let’s give some love to that striking Joe Kubert cover.

Character quotable: “Don’t bury yourself in this worthless graveyard of junk, Rory!” – Bette Berg, the not-so-understanding love interest

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