Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for August 16-22, 2019...

135 years ago August 18, 1884 French artist Léonce Petit dies, age 45. He was called the “French Töpffer.”

120 years ago August 19, 1899 Colleen Moore is born (though she said she was born in 1902). The movie star plays Ella Cinders in the film adaptation of the strip by Bill Conselman and Charles Plumb.

105 years ago August 22, 1914 Newspaper cartoonist Chester Commodore is born. He works for the Chicago Defender and Pittsburgh Courier.

100 years ago August 22, 1919 Leon Lazarus is born. The writer-editor edited and contributed to Martin Goodman’s Magazine Management Company, Timely, and Atlas.

95 years ago August 18, 1924 Yugoslavian political cartoonist and comic book writer-artist Milorad Dobric is born. His work includes such features as Kurir Fica, Slavuj Glisa, and Inspektor Zuca.

90 years ago August 18, 1929 Editorial and sports cartoonist Stan Hunt is born.

90 years ago August 21, 1929 Eisner Hall of Fame artist Marie Severin is born. She colors EC and Marvel comics, co-creates Spider-Woman, and draws a variety of Marvel titles.

75 years ago August 19, 1944 Underground comix cartoonist Skip Williamson is born. He is internationally famed for his satirical work featuring such characters as Snappy Sammy Smoot and Nell ’n’ Void.

65 years ago August 19, 1954 Cartoonist Stephen R. Bentley is born. He is especially noted for his Herb & Jamaal comic strip.

55 years ago August 20, 1964 Writer Kirk Chritton is born. He handles marketing and event coordination for Kansas City’s Planet Comicon.

55 years ago August 22, 1964 Writer-editor D.G. Chichester is born. His work includes Daredevil and Nick Fury titles for Marvel.

50 years ago August 20, 1969 British artist Dudley D. Watkins dies, age 62. He worked for D.C. Thomson and created Morgyn the Mighty.

40 years ago August 19-20, 1979 Tom Skulan begins the annual Albany, NY, FantaCon show.

35 years ago August 17, 1984 Doom Patrol co-creator (with Arnold Drake) Bruno Premiani dies, age 77. The artist worked on Tomahawk, Pow-Wow Smith, and Classics Illustrated stories.

35 years ago August 19, 1984 Don Newton dies of a heart attack at age 49. The fan artist became a comics pro via Charlton and, eventually, DC, where he drew Batman.

35 years ago August 21, 1984 Pioneering “Father of the Direct Market” and New York Comic Art Convention organizer Phil Seuling dies of liver disease at age 50.

15 years ago August 22, 2004 The first episode of Bunny is posted.