Marvel; April 1982
Cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin

Title: “Render Unto Caesar!”
Synopsis: The Fantastic Four team with the Black Panther to investigate a mystery – and find themselves prisoners of ancient Rome!

Writer: John Byrne
Penciler: Byrne

Review: As John Byrne settles into his stay on Fantastic Four, he starts digging deeper into the Lee/Kirby toy box. Following last issue’s Inhumans tale, Byrne sends the team to Africa for an adventure with their old friend T’Challa, aka the Black Panther. Unfortunately, the Panther isn’t really needed in this old school adventure with a sci-fi twist, and does little more than skulk around in the background. For that matter, the story doesn’t really need the Fantastic Four – any team of superheroes or even plain adventurers would do. Still, it’s another fun done-in-one, with nice art from Byrne.

Grade: A-

Cool factor: Byrne continues to explore the Fantastic Four’s extended supporting cast.

Character quotable: “Maybe the Ay-rabs got some new energy source?” – The Thing, master of cultural sensitivity. (Later in the issue, he’s worried about “the Reds,” too!)

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