Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for October 4-10, 2019...

125 years ago October 10, 1894 Designer and letterer Ira Schnapp is born. Among his creations are DC logos and the Comics Code seal.

120 years ago October 4, 1899 French artist Paul Léonnec dies at age 57.

110 years ago October 2, 1909 Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Secret Agent X-9, and Rip Kirby creator Alex Raymond is born.

95 years ago October 5, 1924 Bibi Fricotin by Louis Foron begins.

90 years ago October 8, 1929 Argentine cartoonist and animator Manuel Garcia is born.

85 years ago October 7, 1934 Bronc Peeler by Fred Harman begins.

80 years ago October 8, 1939 Writer Harvey Pekar is born. He creates the autobiographical series American Splendor.

80 years ago October 10, 1939 French artist Benjamin Rabier dies, age 74. The animation pioneer was known for his animal drawings, and his book Tintin Lutin influenced Hergé, who named his famous character in tribute.

75 years ago October 5, 1944 The Nazi ban on the Belgian comics magazine Spirou is lifted, and the magazine appears in stores again.

75 years ago October 10, 1944 Spanish artist Antoni Utrillo dies, age 76 or 77.

70 years ago October 5, 1949 Walt Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad opens.

70 years ago October 8, 1949 Writer Monte Barrett dies after a failed operation at age 52. With artist Frank Ellis, he created Jane Arden.

70 years ago October 8, 1949 Artist Jerry Bittle is born. He creates the newspaper strips Geech and Shirley and Son.

70 years ago October 9, 1949 Award-winning writer-artist Jim Starlin is born. He is especially known for his work on Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock and for creating and/or co-creating such characters as Thanos, Drax, Gamora, and Shang-Chi.

65 years ago October 7, 1954 Award-winning writer-artist-publisher Phil Yeh is born. He founds Cartoonists across America and the World, promoting literacy and creativity.

65 years ago October 9, 1954 Fantagraphics co-founder (with Gary Groth) and editor Michael Catron is born. The comics historian also publishes Apple Comics.

60 years ago October 4, 1959 Cartoonist and owner of Ladytooner Donna Karen Upshaw is born.

60 years ago October 6, 1959 Award-winning artist Adam Kubert is born. He begins his comics career by lettering at age 12. He is especially known for his work on Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Action Comics (“Last Son”), and Avengers.

60 years ago October 10, 1959 Harold Teen creator Carl Ed dies at age 69.

60 years ago October 10, 1959 Award-winning writer-artist Jaime Hernandez is born. He co-creates (with Gilbert and Mario Hernandez) the series Love and Rockets, in which his Locas stories appear, often featuring Maggie Chascarrillo and Hopey Glass.

60 years ago October 10, 1959 Fish Police editor and letterer Paul Nagy is born.

60 years ago October 10, 1959 Norman Pett’s Jane ends.

55 years ago October 4, 1964 Writer-editor-artist Marc McLaurin is born. He is especially known for his work on Marvel’s Epic and Razorline titles.

30 years ago October 6, 1989 The Belgian Comic Strip center opens in Brussels.

25 years ago October 5, 1994 Jonny Quest and Rio creator artist Doug Wildey dies of heart failure at age 72.

25 years ago October 5, 1994 Writer-artist, teacher, and animator Frank Ridgeway dies, age 63 or 64. With Ralston Jones, he co-created Mr. Abernathy.

15 years ago October 10, 2004 Actor, director, producer, and writer Christopher Reeve dies at age 52. His career included starring in films as Superman.