Marvel; August 1978
Cover by Joe Sinnott

Title: “Heil Frankenstein!”
When the Human Torch and Toro disappear in Switzerland, the Invaders’ investigation brings them face to fist with Frankenstein.

Writer: Don Glut
Chic Stone
Bill Black

Review: You can’t go too wrong with a story featuring a Nazi Frankenstein, but it also proves to be a hard story to do right. Don Glut makes some interesting storytelling choices, not all of which pay off. This story is told in flashback, sapping drama from scenes where the heroes are supposedly in mortal peril. Glut also hints at the similarities between the Human Torch and Frankenstein – two artificial men – but fails to develop the theme fully; it leaves the reader hungry for something more. On art, Chic Stone’s style fits the book fine, but his work here is inconsistent.

Grade: C+

Cool factor: Let’s go with the cool Joe Sinnott cover.
Not-so-cool factor: How about the creepy, wheelchair-bound Nazi scientist and creepy, Japanese doctor hottie’s plan to transplant said Nazi scientist’s brain into Captain America’s body so they could explore their love on a less “intellectual” level. Ick.

Notable: This isn’t the same Frankenstein monster that starred in his Marvel series during the Bronze Age.

Character quotable: “You’ll attract me more once your skull houses Basil’s superb brain!” – Dr. “Kitty” Kitagowa, aka creepy, Japanesse doctor hottie

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