Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for November 8-14, 2019...

160 years ago November 10, 1859 The Swiss-French Art Nouveau artist Théophile Alexandre Steinlen is born.

150 years ago November 14, 1869 French writer-artist Jules Depaquit is born.

125 years ago November 10, 1894 The first issue of the French magazine Le Rire is published.

110 years ago November 11, 1909 Award-winning song writer, composer, and singer Johnny Mercer is born. He collaborates on the 1956 Broadway musical Li’l Abner.

100 years ago November 16, 1919 The Flemish artist who signs his work “Pom,” Jozef van Hove, is born. He’s known for his “Piet Pienter” stories.

85 years ago November 12, 1934 Don Newton is born. Beginning as a fan artist, he becomes a comics pro via Charlton and goes on to work on such characters as Batman for DC.

70 years ago November 13, 1949 Dutch artist Bern L. Vinger dies at age 67.

65 years ago November 10, 1954 Writer-artist Bruce Chrislip is born.

60 years ago November 14, 1959 Actor Paul McGann is born. He is the eighth performer to play The Doctor on the BBC Doctor Who series.

55 years ago November 8, 1964 Majestic Entertainment editor Marilee Woch is born.

55 years ago November 9, 1964 The Wizard of Id by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart begins.

55 years ago November 11, 1964 Tiffany Jones by Pat Tourret and Jenny Butterworth begins.

50 years ago November 11, 1969 Novelist, comics writer, artist, publisher – and Starchild creator – James A. Owen is born.

45 years ago November 8-11, 1974 The first Famous Monsters Convention is held at the Hotel Commodore in New York City.

45 years ago November 9, 1974 Comic book gag cartoonist Charles W. Winter dies at age 56.

35 years ago November 14, 1984 Underground writer-artist Greg Irons is killed by a bus in Bangkok, Thailand, at age 37.

25 years ago November 8, 1994 Writer-publisher Michael O’Donoghue dies of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 54.

20 years ago November 11, 1999 Voice artist Mary Kay Bergman dies a suicide at age 38. She voiced Snow White and other Disney characters and performed on South Park and Fairly OddParents.

15 years ago November 12, 2004 British artist Harry Hargreaves dies at age 82. His work included cartoons for Punch, GoGo the Fox, and the Hayseeds strip, along with illustrations for Paddington Bear books.

15 years ago November 13, 2004 Artist Harry Lampert dies of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 88. The co-creator of DC’s Golden Age Flash was a gag cartoonist, created the Droopy Field Mosquito strip for the Army, and founded the Lampert ad agency.

10 years ago November 9, 2009 Artist Bill Jaaska dies at age 48. He was especially known for work on Sable, The New Titans, and The Terminator: Hunters and Killers.

10 years ago November 13, 2009 French writer-artist François Bel dies at age 82. He wrote and drew primarily for the Fleurus publishing house and created Phil et Jordi.

5 years ago November 8, 2014 German artist Hannes Hegen dies at age 89. He was known for the characters Dig, Dag, and Digedag.