DC; March 1977
Cover by Joe Kubert

Title: “The Dream Killers”
Synopsis: An epidemic of young people OD’ing on drugs has Ragman on the hunt for the dealer.

Writer: Robert Kanigher
Penciler: Redondo Studio
Redondo Studio

Review: This is the first issue of Ragman with a backup story; that’s unfortunate, because this lead feature needed more room to breathe. Writer Bob Kanigher’s tone fits this series well, but his pacing is often hurried. Still, this is a decent short tale, with solid storytelling from the Redondo Studio.


Title: Untitled
Synopsis: A gang of grave robbers runs into Ragman – and a little bad luck in the form of an angel.

Writer: Bob Kanigher
Penciler: Joe Kubert

Review: Instead of Joe Kubert inspired art, this back-up story gets the real thing. Kubert doesn’t disappoint; he’s masterful on this wordless tale.

Grade (for the whole issue): B+

Cool factor: The Joe Kubert illustrated back-up story was a nice surprise. His stamp is all over this series so it’s nice to see him finally cut loose with full pencils and ink.
Not-so-cool factor: Teddy is blind and mute … Teddy is blind and mute … Teddy is blind and mute … Why does Bob Kanigher keep telling us this?

Character quotable: “There smiles are my reward!” – Mr. Seriph, amusement park owner/creepy drug dealer

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