Marvel, Sep. 1979
Cover uncredited

Title: “From the Ashes …”
Synopsis: Reeling from tough times, Steve Rogers looks to get his life back – and comes face to face with his past.

Writer (plot): Chris Claremont
Writer (script): Roger McKenzie
Sal Buscema
Don Perlin

Review: This is the way to write transitional issues. In the course of this one story, Captain America puts to rest trouble with Dr. Faustus and the apparent death of “close friend” Sharon Carter. Cap does some off-camera soul searching, then moves to Brooklyn Heights to juggle a double life as a living legend and commercial artist. New supporting cast members are introduced, and there’s even time for a little back story about Cap liberating a concentration camp during the war. Well done!

Grade: B+

Cool factor: Cap liberating a concentration camp is certainly cool. And let’s also mention Sal Buscema here, too: The journeyman artist delivers some very nice storytelling in this issue, particularly the page where Cap learns of Sharon Carter’s “death.”

Character quotable: “Outlived my usefulness? To be perfectly honest … I don’t know.” – Captain America

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