Marvel; October 1982
Cover by John Byrne

Title: “This Land Is Mine!”
Synopsis: With Latveria suffering under the iron fist of Zorba, the Fantastic Four become the uncomfortable allies of Doctor Doom.

Writer: John Byrne
Penciler: Byrne

Review: This issue serves as an uncomfortable endorsement of Doctor Doom’s autocratic practices, as the Fantastic Four helps restore the deposed dictator to power. Sure, Latveria might have fallen on some hard times, but one would think a brain as big as Reed Richards’ could have come up with a better solution than aiding Doom (who had tried, again, to kill the Fantastic Four just one issue before) John Byrne’s art fares better than his story, with rich detail and strong pacing. The two-page splash of a decaying Latveria is particularly well drawn.

Grade: B

Cool factor: This story offers a nice twist, even if its politics are suspect. Also, Byrne’s art during this run just may be at its zenith here.
Not-so-cool factor:
The Fantastic Four helping Doom. Really not cool.

Notable: The “Fantastic Four Fan Page” includes an LOC from Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini.

Collector’s note: There is a 2002 reprint of this comic that came with the Doctor Doom “Marvel Legends” action figure.

Character quotable: “Do not be afraid.” – Doctor Doom (yeah, right!)

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