Leading up to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #50 release, Gemstone Publishing will commemorate the milestone by diving into the publication’s rich history. Over the Guide’s five decades in print, thousands upon thousands of comic books have been priced, the market has been meticulously studied, and creators, characters, and publishing houses have been featured with detailed coverage. With the 50th edition comes time to revisit how comic values have steadily (sometimes astronomically) risen over the years and reflect on contributions made in crafting the Guide.

Comic books are filled with so many exceptional heroes that the task of putting them into a team setting must be daunting. But creators have managed to ally these characters into extraordinary teams to battle the most powerful of enemies. Gardner Fox is one such writer who introduced readers to the Justice League of America in Brave and Bold #28.

When the Silver Age book hit shelves in March 1960 it carried a 10¢ cover price. Ten years later for the first Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide in 1970, Robert M. Overstreet reported that a Near Mint copy had risen to $5.

That number jumped significantly in the Guide #10 when Brave and the Bold #28 reached $180. It continued that remarkable trajectory when a Near Mint copy hit $1,100 in 1990. It quintupled after another 10 years when the Guide #30 valued it at $5,100. After another decade, it more than tripled to $16,000 in 2010.

With the help of movie buzz generating for the upcoming Justice League film, a Near Mint copy of the comic had risen to $72,000 in 2016. For the Guide #49, Brave and the Bold #28 grew to a value of $90,000.