ComicMix contributor Ed Catto has posted a review of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #1 Facsimile Edition on the comics site, praising the book’s content and historical significance.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #1 Facsimile Edition is a faithful reproduction of the first Guide that Overstreet published in 1970. It contains all of the original prices, original articles, and original ads from that edition.

Catto likened the book to a time machine that transports the readers back to 1970 to ponder why they didn’t buy several copies of comics before their prices skyrocketed. He also pointed out how the book celebrates entrepreneurs in the collecting hobby.

“This was the time when fans, and especially one fan named Robert M. Overstreet, rolled up their sleeves, researched meticulously and published an industry bible that would become both a tradition and the foundation upon which a million collections were built,” Catto wrote in the review.

Catto’s full review is available on comicmix.com.

The Guide #1 Facsimile Edition was printed in hardcover and softcover format. The softcover is still available at gemstonepub.com. The hardcover edition is sold out, however copies may still be available in your local comic book shop.