Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for September 11-17, 2020...

145 years ago September 11, 1875 The Daily Graphic publishes Professor Tigwissel’s Burglar Alarm by Livingston Hopkins; it’s one of the earliest newspaper strips.

140 years ago September 14, 1880 Animator and artist Earl Hurd is born. He has the patent for the invention of cel animation and works for cartoon studios including Terry and Disney.

125 years ago September 15, 1895 Canadian cartoonist, journalist, and lawyer Hector Berthelot dies at age 53. He founded Le Canard.

125 years ago September 16, 1895 Artist Gene Ahern is born. His characters include The Nut Brothers (Ches and Wal), and he creates Our Boarding House as well as Room and Board.

110 years ago September 12, 1910 Dutch writer-artist and teacher Toon Rammelt is born.

105 years ago September 11, 1915 Carl Fallberg is born. The Disney comics writer-artist scripts most of the Paul Murry illustrated Mickey Mouse serials in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories and is story director on several Hanna-Barbera TV shows.

100 years ago September 16, 1920 Art Sansom is born. He co-creates the Chris WelkinPlaneteer strip and creates the comic strip The Born Loser.

95 years ago September 13, 1925 Artist-writer Margaret G. Hays dies at age 51. She created Jennie and Jack and collaborated with her sister, Grace Drayton, on projects including The Turr’ble Tales of Kaptin Kiddo.

90 years ago September 11, 1930 Award-winning French artist Jean-Claude Forest is born. He creates Barbarella and is editor in chief of Chouchou magazine.

85 years ago September 13, 1935 Award-winning cartoonist Don Addis is born. His work includes editorial cartoons and the Bent Offerings strip.

75 years ago September 12, 1945 Award-wining writer-artist Milo Manara is born. He creates HP and Giuseppe Bergman and, among many other projects, collaborates with Chris Claremont on X-Women and collaborates with Neil Gaiman on a Sandman story.

75 years ago September 16, 1945 Wolfgang Fuchs is born. The German journalist and writer is known for his reference works on German comics and for his comics series translations into German.

70 years ago September 15, 1950 The Dutch comic book Grabbelton begins as a supplement of De Katholieke Illustratie.

70 years ago September 17, 1950 Writer-editor Roger Stern is born. He co-creates (with John Romita Jr.) Hobgoblin and Marvel’s second Captain Marvel, (with Bob Hall) West Coast Avengers, and (with Tom Lyle) the Will Payton Starman. He writes the memorable “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” in Amazing Spider-Man #248 and is one of the contributors to DC’s “Death of Superman” arc.

65 years ago September 13, 1955 Marvel associate editor Lynn Cohen is born.

60 years ago September 11, 1960 Fan Leah Adezio is born. She is active at conventions, and “Leah” by Peter David and Colleen Doran in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1 pays tribute to her.

60 years ago September 12, 1960 The classic Barnaby strip returns to newspapers. The Crockett Johnson original is revised and redrawn by Warren Sattler.

60 years ago September 16, 1960 Award-winning writer Kurt Busiek is born. He receives national acclaim for Marvels (with Alex Ross), creates Thunderbolts, and creates Kurt Busiek’s Astro City working with Ross and Brent Anderson.

60 years ago September 16, 1960 Award-winning writer-artist Mike Mignola is born. He creates Hellboy, B.P.R.D., and The Amazing Screw-On Head.

55 years ago September 11, 1965 Spanish writer-artist-editor Valentí Castanys Borràs dies at age 67. He created the El Once supplement for El Correo Catalán.

55 years ago September 12, 1965 Prolific French artist André Galland dies at age 79.

50 years ago September 17, 1970 Welsh writer-artist Cyril Gwyn Price dies of a heart attack at age 65. He created The Whiskers.

45 years ago September 12, 1975 Dutch magazine Tina introduces Noortje Visser by Patty Klein and Jan Steeman; it will run for 41 years and may be the longest-running Dutch strip by the same creative team.

45 years ago September 15, 1975 Spanish writer-artist Carlos Conti dies at age 59. He founded the Creaciones Editoriales agency.

40 years ago September 14, 1980 Hungarian artist Imre Sebök dies at age 74.

40 years ago September 12, 1980 The Turkish magazine Girgir is temporarily banned by the Turkish government because of a cartoon that “insults the Turkish national identity.”

35 years ago September 15, 1985 The Dutch children’s magazine Taptoe introduces Oktoknopie by Gleever.

30 years ago September 15, 1990 The Topper ends from D.C. Thomson.

25 years ago September 13, 1995 German-British artist Walter Goetz dies at age 83. He was known for Colonel Up and Mr. Down – and Dab and Flounder – and cartoons for Punch.

15 years ago September 12, 2005 Raymond Chiavarino (also known as “Maric”) dies at age 78.

15 years ago September 15, 2005 Belgian sports cartoonist, writer-artist, and editor Fernand Van Horen (who worked as “Horn”) dies at age 95.

5 years ago September 17, 2015 Colorist, dealer, and convention organizer Ken Feduniewicz dies of a heart attack at age 63.