DC; October-November 1976
Cover by Mike Grell

Title: “War Gods of Skartaris”
On the hunt for a unicorn, Morgan is captured by lizard men who worship a recently arrived “god.”

Writer: Mike Grell

Review: This issue gets off to a slow start as a half-a-year delay between issues 2 and 3 necessitates another origin recap. But, once the story gets down to business, Grell delivers a fun done in one tale with some clever twists. And even the recap is a treat, though, as Grell executes it as a beautifully drawn two-page spread. The artist really understands the visual nature of the comic book medium, and he regularly delivers crafty storytelling and explosive splashes. With the exception of some issues with anatomy, Grell is a masterful comic book artist – and even better comic book creator.

Grade: A-

Cool factor: Nice character moments. Beautiful splashes. Great cover.

Character quotable: “God help me – I love this!” – The Warlord (with “it” behind battle and carnage, of course)

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