DC; January-February 1977
Cover by Jim Aparo

Title: “The Menace of the Marine Marauder”
Aquaman must stop the Marine Marauder, a “lowly marine biologist” who uses air-breathing sea creatures to steal swine-flu vaccine.

Writer: Steve Skeates
Penciler: Jim Aparo

Review: From the opening splash, it’s clear this outing is going to be a little silly. Both the lead feature and backup are littered with logic flaws; the stories don’t hold up to the era’s better work. Jim Aparo’s work is top shelf, though; his dynamism is perfect for Aquaman.


Title: “Mission Catch a Killer”
When a Martian dignitary is murdered, J’onn J’onzz decides the killer must be a member of the Justice League.

Writer: Denny O’Neil
Mike Nasser
Terry Austin

Review: Either J’onn J’onzz’s detective skills are rusty, or Denny O’Neil is off his game. Nice art, though a bit stiff.

Grade (for the whole issue): B

Cool factor: Aparo! Nasser! Austin!
Not-so-cool factor: Why does that sperm whale have upper teeth on the cover?

Character quotable: “There’s more to this game than fighting with fish!” – Aquaman

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