DC; November-December 1972
Cover by Joe Kubert

Title: “The Search”
Captured by lizard men inside a smoldering volcano, Korak recalls the adventure that brought him to Africa.

Writer: Joe Kubert
Frank Thorne

Review: The origin of Korak? Apparently, it involves making eyes with an ape, fleeing with said ape to Africa, and tearing off one’s clothes in the jungle. This reviewer hopes there’s more to this story – say, a family connection to Tarzan? – because this issue is a bit silly.


Title: “Gathering Tarel”
Carson is given a chance to earn his keep, but his friend Kamlot is killed while the two gather tarel.

Writer: Len Wein
Michael W. Kaluta

Review: The short page count works against this hurried story. Michael W. Kaluta’s art shows great promise, but still lacks weight.

Grade (for the whole issue): B

Cool factor: Joe Kubert! Frank Thorne! Michael W. Kaluta!
Not-so-cool factor:
Sadly, while solid, the art isn’t as good as that lineup would suggest.

Character quotable: “I have seen it … in the sand! She is in the land of the lizard men!” – A creepy old man

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