Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for February 19-25, 2021...

75 years ago February 25, 1946 Award-winning writer-artist Rick Geary is born. He’s especially known for his series A Treasury of Victorian Murder.

65 years ago February 22, 1956 Underground writer-artist Doug Allen is born. He creates the “Steven” feature.

50 years ago February 21, 1971 Award-winning cartoonist Mark Brewer is born. He specializes in (but is not limited to) beer-connected illustration.

50 years ago February 21, 1971 Turkish artist Ecrüment Kalmik dies at age 61 or 62.

50 years ago February 24, 1971 Dutch artist Jan Bouman dies at age 56.

40 years ago February 20, 1981 Italian artist Enzo Magni dies at age 66. He co-created Pantera Bionda.

40 years ago February 22, 1981 Warner Brothers artist and writer Michael Maltese dies of cancer at age 73. He created such characters as Pepe le Pew, Road Runner, Coyote, and Michigan J. Frog; he also wrote Gold Key comics.

40 years ago February 25, 1981 Danish artist Arne Ungermann dies at age 78. He created Hanne Hansen.

35 years ago February 21, 1986 British critic and artist Derek Chittock (who worked as Droc and as Lucian) dies at age 64.

35 years ago February 22, 1986 Award-winning writer-artist and sports and political cartoonist Ernest Shaw dies at age 95. He created The Dingbats.

30 years ago February 19, 1991 Dutch writer-artist and musician Gradie Knipscheer dies at age 76. She wrote and drew Keesje Konijntje.

20 years ago February 19, 2001 Argentine artist Adolfo Mazzone dies at age 86. His best known character was Piantadino.

15 years ago February 21, 2006 Political cartoonist Ed Franklin dies at age 84.

10 years ago February 21, 2011 Dwayne McDuffie dies at age 49 from complications of emergency heart surgery. The Milestone Media co-founder, writer, editor, and producer was especially known for his work on Damage Control, Justice League Unlimited, and Ben 10.

10 years ago February 24, 2011 Indian writer-artist Anant Pai dies at age 73. Sometimes called the father of Indian comics, he created Indrajal and founded Rang Rekha Features.

10 years ago February 25, 2011 Award-winning editorial cartoonist Hy Rosen dies of cancer at age 88.

5 years ago February 21, 2016 Gag cartoonist John Caldwell dies of pancreatic cancer at age 69. He created the Caldwell panel cartoon.