Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for July 16-22, 2021... 

210 years ago July 18, 1811 English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray is born. Though best known for his writing, he also illustrates many of his own works.

180 years ago July 17, 1841 The first issue of the humor magazine Punch is released by Henry Mayhew and Ebenezer Landells. It becomes one of the prime markets for British cartoonists.

155 years ago July 22, 1866 Tomás Padrò publishes Las Delicias de la Torre.

150 years ago July 17, 1871 “Fine artist” Lyonel Feininger is born. He creates the comic strips The Kin-der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie’s World.

145 years ago July 20, 1876 Pioneering Japanese teacher and manga artist Rakuten Kitazawa is born. He founds Tokyo Puck and Rakuta Puck.

130 years ago July 19, 1891 Pioneering Spanish writer-artist Ramón Escaler Ullastre (usually known as Ramón Escaler) dies at age 28 or 29. The innovator’s work included panels and speech balloons.

115 years ago July 22, 1906 Comic strip writer Clifford David Vormelker is born.

110 years ago July 22, 1911 Norman Mansbridge is born. The British artist is known for Fuss Pot.

105 years ago July 21, 1916 Cartoonist Frank Roberge is born. He creates the comic strip Mrs. Fitz’s Flats.

100 years ago July 18, 1921 Fernand Wicheler publishes Le Dernier Film, the first Belgian newspaper comic.

95 years ago July 18, 1926 Yolanda Vargas Dulché is born. The Mexican writer-producer creates the comic book character Memín Pinguín.

90 years ago July 20, 1931 Rodolfo Zalla is born. The Argentine-Brazilian artist is founder of the publisher D-Arte Ltda.

90 years ago July 19, 1931 Sunday installments of the Lyman Young adventure strip Tim Tyler’s Luck begin, distributed by King Features Syndicate.

85 years ago July 19, 1936 Spanish writer-artist Apeles Mestres dies at age 81. The pioneering comics illustrator was the regular artist for La Esquella de la Torratxa.

80 years ago July 22, 1941 “Cheech Wizard” writer-artist-creator Vaughn Bodé is born.

75 years ago July 21, 1946 Lee Salem is born. The award-winning editor becomes president of Universal Press Syndicate (now Andrews McMeel Syndication) and helps develop such strips as Calvin and Hobbes, Cathy, The Far Side, and For Better or for Worse.

70 years ago July 21, 1951 Robin Williams is born. Among many other credits in his career, he voices the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin.

65 years ago July 21, 1956 Dutch artist Louis Raemaekers dies at age 86. He was known for his anti-German political cartoons during WWI; Theodore Roosevelt said in 1917, “His pictures should be studied everywhere.”

60 years ago July 19, 1961 Cartoonist Terry LaBan is born. He draws political cartoons, Unsupervised Existence, and Cud – and the Edge City comic strip.

60 years ago July 20, 1961 Artist Wilson McCoy dies of a heart attack at age 59. He was especially known for his work on the newspaper strip The Phantom.

55 years ago July 16, 1966 Animator and artist Leslie Elton dies at age 72. He worked for the Paramount-Bray Studio and wrote, directed, and animated the Universal cartoon series The Whozit Weekly. He created the NEA feature Jack Daw’s Adventures in 1922.

50 years ago July 17, 1971 It’s the first day of the two-day comics convention by Phil Seuling and The Academy of Comic Book Arts at Nathan’s Famous Franks in New York City.

50 years ago July 19, 1971 Psychologist, writer, publisher, and hands-on editor Garry Cleveland Myers dies at his desk, age 87. He co-founded Highlights for Children with his wife, Caroline Clark Myers.

50 years ago July 20, 1971 Marcie is introduced in Charles Schulz’ Peanuts.

45 years ago July 19, 1976 Benedict Cumberbatch is born. The award-winning (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) actor is especially known for his TV portrayal of a modern Sherlock Holmes and plays Doctor Strange starting in 2016.

40 years ago July 17, 1981 Norwegian comedian and artist Odd Harrong dies at age 68.

40 years ago July 19, 1981 The Sunday Tarzan comic strip begins new stories by Mike Grell after several months of reprints.

35 years ago July 22, 1986 Mickey Mouse comic strip artist Floyd Gottfredson dies at age 81, following a stroke.

20 years ago July 16, 2001 Dutch political cartoonist Rob Wout (who worked as “Opland”) dies of bone cancer two days before his 73rd birthday. He also drew the adventure comic De Wonderlijke Avonturen van Anna.

20 years ago July 16, 2001 Maurice de Bevere dies of a pulmonary embolism at age 77. Signing himself “Morris,” he created Lucky Luke.

20 years ago July 22, 2001 Spanish-Cuban animator and artist Eduardo Muñoz Bachs dies at age 64. He was known for his art on El Cuento.

15 years ago July 17, 2006 Writer Mickey Spillane dies of pancreatic carcinoma at age 88. He worked in the comics field in the 1940s before becoming best known for his Mike Hammer novels. His other comics connections include Ms. Tree and Mike Danger.

10 years ago July 19, 2011 Belgian artist Henri Taymans (who worked as “Timme”) dies at age 86.

10 years ago July 22, 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger opens, starring Chris Evans as the Marvel hero, kicking off the eventual trilogy that will add Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.

5 years ago July 16, 2016 Award-winning Argentine artist Carlos Nine dies at age 72.