Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for September 10-16, 2021...

145 years ago September 16, 1876 Artist and DC art editor Raymond Perry is born.

130 years ago September 14, 1891 Dixie Dugan comic strip artist John H. Striebel is born.

115 years ago September 14, 1906 The French satirical illustrated magazine La Calotte begins.

110 years ago September 11, 1911 Artist Carl Grubert is born. He draws The Berrys.

100 years ago September 15, 1921 Voice artist Norma MacMillan is born. Among her characters are Sweet Polly Purebred and Davey Hanson.

100 years ago September 16, 1921 Gene Ahern’s panel cartoon Our Boarding House begins.

90 years ago September 15, 1931 French artist Jacques Marie Gaston Onfroy de Bréville (who worked as “Job”) dies at age 72.

85 years ago September 14, 1936 Canadian editorial cartoonist Roy Peterson is born.

85 years ago September 14, 1936 Walter Koenig is born. While best known for his appearances in Star Trek, he is an active collector and maintains involvement with comics.

75 years ago September 10, 1946 Eisner Awards administrator, convention organizer, editor, publisher, and photographer Jackie Estrada is born.

75 years ago September 16, 1946 French artist Francisque Poulbot dies at age 67.

70 years ago September 14, 1951 Cartoonist Mary Fleener is born.

70 years ago September 15, 1951 Kitchen Sink colorist, cover designer, and editor Peter Poplaski is born.

65 years ago September 10, 1956 Carol Day by David Wright and Peter Meriton begins.

65 years ago September 16, 1956 Letterer Brenda Mings is born.

60 years ago September 11, 1961 Elizabeth Guttman is born. As “E.G. Daily,” she’s a voice artist whose roles include Tommy Pickles and Buttercup.

60 years ago September 13, 1961 Artist Gary Kwapisz, known for his work on Savage Sword of Conan, is born.

55 years ago September 10, 1966 The Hanna-Barbera series Space Ghost begins on CBS Saturday morning TV. The series features the voice of Gary Owens, and Alex Toth provides concepts and design.

50 years ago September 16, 1971 Rolling Stone features Incredible Hulk on the cover, accompanying an article on Marvel’s Bullpen.

40 years ago September 12, 1981 The NBC-TV show Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends begins from newly formed Marvel Productions. (Iceman and Firestar are the “Friends.”)

35 years ago September 10, 1986 Evangelist Bob Larson calls comics “children’s pornography” in his daily Talk Back show.

35 years ago September 13, 1986 The CBS live-action with animation Saturday morning series Pee-wee’s Playhouse begins.

35 years ago September 15, 1986 Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Survivor’s Tale goes on sale from Pantheon Books. The 160-page trade paperback collects the first six chapters of the Raw story and has a 30,000-copy first printing.

30 years ago September 13, 1991 Canadian artist Edmond Good dies at age 81. He was art director of Bell Publishing, where he created Rex Baxter. He drew Scorchy Smith and Tomahawk and started his own publishing company, Good Comics Inc.

25 years ago September 14, 1996 Prolific Portuguese artist Fernando Bento dies at age 85.

20 years ago September 13, 2001 Writer-artist and editor Johnny Craig dies at age 75. He was best known for his work for the EC line of comics, though he began working in the Golden Age.

20 years ago September 14, 2001 Fan artist, writer, and editor Ronn Foss dies at age 62.

20 years ago September 16, 2001 The SP-Xiles event in Brooklyn replaces the canceled Small Press Expo and raises $1,925 for the Red Cross and the Fire Fighter’s 9-11 Relief Fund.

15 years ago September 12, 2006 Chilean artist and art director Renato Andrade dies at age 85. He worked as “Nato” and created the character Cachupín.

15 years ago September 14, 2006 Comic book and pulp publisher Myron Fass dies at age 80. Though best known as a publisher, he drew comics from the late 1940s until the mid-1950s.

10 years ago September 14, 2011 Award-winning French writer-artist Gilles Chaillet dies at age 65. He was especially known for his Vasco historical series.

10 years ago September 16, 2011 American Greetings Creative Director Tom Wilson dies of pneumonia at age 80. He created the newspaper comic panel Ziggy.