Charlton; November 1974
Cover by Joe Staton

Title: “The City Swallower”
A day at the beach gets complicated when E-Man crosses over to a dimension being threatened by a massive monster.

Writer: Nicola Cuti
Artist: Joe Staton

Review: E-Man is such a strange comic. It feels like an evolutionary offshoot; Golden Age superheroes could have evolved to read like this. Its appeal feels targeted to an older audience, without the self-seriousness so prevalent in the Bronze Age. Regardless, the series’ madcap adventures and cartoony art are a winner.


Title: “Freedom’s Star”
Synopsis: Liberty Belle thwarts a Communist spy, then rockets to Skylab III in anticipation of a space pirate invasion.

Writer: Joe Gill
Steve Ditko

Review: Dated superheroics replace the ham-handed commentary of earlier backups scripted by Steve Ditko.

Grade (for the entire issue): B

Cool factor: It always feels like just about anything can happen in E-Man.

Notable: First appearance of Liberty Belle.

Character quotable: “We share a common, powerful threat to survival that makes war merely a parlour discussion.” – Peter, the other-dimensional man with a plan

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