Marvel; October 1976
Cover by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer

Title: “Where is Karen Page?”
Daredevil comes to Los Angeles looking for Karen Page and ends up teaming with Ghost Rider against Death’s Head.

Writer: Marv Wolfman
John Byrne
Jim Mooney

Review: As the first part of a crossover with Ghost Rider, Daredevil #138 is a nice little treat. Marv Wolfman provides a solid story, weaving together plot points and supporting characters from both series. The villains are a little generic, but both heroes are in fine form here. On the art side, this is a nice early outing from John Byrne. It’s very reminiscent of his Iron Fist work: full of potential, with storytelling that tries a little too hard at times. His pencils hold up well under Jim Mooney’s ink work.

Grade: B+

Cool factor: That would be the early John Byrne art, no?
Not-so-cool factor:
The villains aren’t the best.

Notable: Story continues is Ghost Rider #20. … The “Let’s Level With Daredevil” letters page includes an LOC from comic book historian Peter Sanderson.
Collector’s note:
According to the Grand Comics Database, there is a 10p British variant of this issue. … According to MyComicShop.com, there is also a Mark Jewelers variant.

Character quotable: “Daredevil wants information. And I’ll get it from you – even if I have to dissect your brain to get it.” – Daredevil, a longtime proponent of enhanced interrogation techniques

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