Jim Aparo was considered to be “the definitive Batman artist" by a generation of comic readers, but he also left his mark on numerous other characters. In a career spanning 1966 to early 2000s, he created memorable portrayals of Aquaman, The Spectre, The Phantom Stranger, Green Arrow, The Outsiders and the guest stars of The Brave and the Bold.

His comics career started in 1966 at Charlton Comics working on “Miss Bikini Luv” in Go-Go Comics. Brought to DC Comics by editor Dick Giordano, Aparo began work on Aquaman and The Phantom Stranger before landing the regular assignment on The Brave and the Bold starting with #100 and lasting until the title’s end with #200. During that time, he also contributed art for the Spectre in Adventure Comics and short mystery stories. His Batman work in the late 1980s included the story that killed off the second Robin, Jason Todd. He continued to work until his retirement in the early 2000s.

Jim Aparo passed away on July 19, 2005 but his artistic legacy won’t soon be forgotten.