DC; June 1983
Cover by assorted artists (see “Notable” below)

Title: “The Future Is Forever!”
As the Legion prepares for a celebration, Brainiac 5 seeks to cure an ally trapped by visions of alternate futures.

Writers (plot): Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen
Writer (script): Levitz
Giffen, Kurt Schaffenberger, Howard Bender, Curt Swan, Dave Cockrum, James Sherman, and Joe Staton
Larry Mahlstedt, Schaffenberger, Frank Giacoia, Dan Adkins, Cockrum, Sherman, and Dick Giordano

Review: DC put together some exceptional anniversary issues in the 1980s. This one is good, but doesn’t score a top grade. Paul Levitz’s framing sequence is solid, but none of the individual chapters – which feature alternate futures – truly stand out. The lineup up of guest artists also doesn’t thrill. The problem is so many of the previous The Legion of Super-Heroes artists’ styles tended to the bland side and never really fit the team’s futuristic milieu. Even the chapter by Dave Cockrum – arguably one of the best The Legion of Super-Heroes artists – pales in comparison to the current Keith Giffen/Larry Mahlstedt team. Fun, but not spectacular.

Grade: B+

Second opinion: Recommended by The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition), 2003.

Cool factor: It was fun seeing previous Legion artists …
Not-so-cool factor: … but where was Mike Grell?

Notable: According to the Grand Comics Database, this issue’s jam cover was drawn by Carmine Infantino and Bob Oksner (Supergirl), Paris Cullins (Invisible Kid), George Pérez (Colossal Boy), Joe Kubert (Dawnstar), Kurt Schaffenberger (Superboy), José Luis García-López (Sun Boy), Don Heck (White Witch), Jim Aparo (Karate Kid), Jan Duursema (Queen Projectra), Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia (Timber Wolf), Dave Cockrum (Phantom Girl), Walter Simonson (Blok), George Tuska and Mike DeCarlo (Star Boy), Jim Sherman (Dream Girl), Howard Chaykin (Brainiac 5), Curt Swan (Ultra Boy), Howard Bender and Dave Hunt (Wildfire), Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt (Cosmic Boy), Dick Giordano (Saturn Girl), Mahlstedt and Giffen (Lightning Lad), Gil Kane (Mon-El), Trevor Von Eeden (Element Lad), Joe Orlando (Chameleon Boy), Ross Andru and Romeo Tanghal (Shadow Lass), Ernie Colón (Duo Damsel), Joe Staton (Bouncing Boy), and Giffen and Dan Adkins (Proty II).
Collector’s note:
According to the Grand Comics Database, there is a $2 Canadian variant of this issue.

Character quotable: “Let the future role onwords … a mystery to us… forever.” – Brainiac 5, laying to rest years of “Adult Legion” continuity issues

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