Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for November 23 through December 1, 2022...

210 years ago November 25, 1812 Henry Mayhew is born. He’s co-founder and co-editor of Punch.

190 years ago December 1, 1832 The French magazine Le Charivari begins. It will offer comics and cartoons for more than a century.

140 years ago November 26, 1882 Italian artist Giovanni Scolari is born.

135 years ago December 1, 1887 Golden Age writer-artist Fletcher Hanks is born. His creations include Fantomah Mystery Woman of the Jungle.

115 years ago November 26, 1907 Nell Brinkley “makes her debut as a cartoonist,” according to Wiki and Lambiek.

115 years ago November 26, 1907 French writer-artist Roland Moisan is born.

115 years ago November 28, 1907 Dutch artist Guus Hens is born.

110 years ago November 23, 1912 George O’Hanlon is born. He’s star of the “Joe McDoakes” comedy shorts and is a voice artist whose roles include George Jetson.

110 years ago November 23, 1912 Dutch writer-artist Lieuwe Brolsma is born.

105 years ago December 1, 1917 Jolan Kovacs is born. The model for Lois Lane, she marries Jerry Siegel and is remembered as Joanne Siegel.

100 years ago November 26, 1922 Cartoonist and Peanuts and It’s Only a Game creator Charles Schulz is born. Maybe you’ve seen his work?

100 years ago November 27, 1922 Walter Berndt’s Smitty begins from The Chicago Tribune-New York News syndicate. A variety of Internet listings give the date as either November 22 or November 29. Those were Wednesdays. In its obituary for Berndt, the New York Times said Smitty first appeared in The News on November 27, which makes more sense.

90 years ago November 30, 1932 French artist Gérard Lauzier is born. He creates Zizi Panpan and Les Chroniques de l’île Grande.

85 years ago November 27, 1937 Italian artist Carlo Santachiara is born. He creates the character Sordello.

80 years ago November 26, 1942 Fritzi Ritz creator Larry Whittington dies at age 39, when he’s hit by a car.

80 years ago November 29, 1942 (Ahem …) Writer-editor, co-editor, and co-publisher with Don Thompson of such fanzines as Comic Art and Newfangles Maggie Thompson is born (as Margaret Curtis). She co-edits and eventually becomes senior editor of Comics Buyer’s Guide. (She also provides this weekly feature for Scoop.)

75 years ago November 26, 1947 Dutch artist Flip Fermin is born.

70 years ago November 24, 1952 Judge Parker by Nicholas P. Dallis and Dan Neilman begins.

70 years ago November 26, 1952 Australian artist Edward Ambrose Dyson dies at age 43. He worked on Australian comic books in the 1940s.

70 years ago November 30, 1952 Artist-writer Keith Giffen is born. His work includes Legion of Super-Heroes, co-creation of Lobo, creation of Ambush Bug, and contributions to DC’s New 52.

65 years ago November 26, 1957 Writer, art director, animator, and storyboard artist Darrell McNeil is born.

65 years ago November 28, 1957 Jerry Ordway is born. He writes and/or draws many DC projects, including The Power of Shazam!

65 years ago November 30, 1957 Political cartoonist Brian Basset is born. He creates the comic strips Adam@Home and Red and Rover.

60 years ago November 27, 1962 Artist Paul Guinan is born. He co-creates Heartbreakers, Boilerplate, and Frank Reade with Anina Bennett.

55 years ago November 29, 1967 Letterer and colorist Andrea Albert is born.

45 years ago November 26, 1977 Greek-German artist Nikol Dimitriadis dies at age 68.

40 years ago November 24, 1982 Golden Age artist Edwin Robbins dies of a heart attack at age 63. He laid out Captain Marvel art and drew the Mike Hammer comic strip.

40 years ago November 28, 1982 Argentine artist Manuel A. Martinez Parma dies at age 72 or 73.

40 years ago November 29, 1982 French writer-artist Robert Fuzier dies the day before his 84th birthday.

40 years ago December 1, 1982 Krause Publications acquires The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom from Alan Light. It will change its title to Comics Buyer’s Guide and introduce a newspaper format co-edited by Don and Maggie Thompson.

35 years ago November 24, 1987 Dutch artist Anton Pieck dies at age 92.

30 years ago November 25, 1992 The award-winning Walt Disney’s Aladdin opens in wide release.

30 years ago November 28, 1992 Dutch artist Co Egelie dies at age 87.

30 years ago November 30, 1992 Spanish artist Miguel Ambrosio Zaragoza (who worked as “Ambros”) dies at age 79.

25 years ago November 26, 1997 Aubrey Joseph is born. The actor plays Cloak in the Cloak & Dagger TV series.

25 years ago November 28, 1997 Beavis and Butt-Head ends its series on MTV, where it has run for seven seasons, with “Beavis and Butt-Head Are Dead.” (They’ll be back. Just wait.)

20 years ago November 26, 2002 Italian artist, animator, and studio founder Marco Biassoni dies at age 71 or 72.

15 years ago November 27, 2007 Bulgarian writer-artist, editor, producer, animator, and professor Donyo Donev dies at age 81.

10 years ago November 28, 2012 Spain Rodriguez dies of cancer at age 72. The underground comix creator of Trashman was one of the founders of the United Cartoon Workers of America.

10 years ago November 29, 2012 Italian artist Franco Urru dies at age 53. He worked on comics connected to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as comics based on the Angel TV series.

10 years ago November 30, 2012 Film critic and writer Jeff Millar dies of bile duct cancer at age 70. He co-created the Tank McNamara comic strip with Bill Hinds.

5 years ago November 27, 2017 Dutch artist Bob Van den Born dies at age 90. He was known for the Professor Pi pantomime strip.

5 years ago November 29, 2017 Golden Age artist Fran Hopper dies at age 95. She worked on Fiction House features in Robert Iger’s studio.

And here are the anniversaries spanning the month of December…

140 years ago December 1882 Grit (“America’s Greatest Family Newspaper”) begins. It will carry comic strips.

80 years ago December 1942 Hillman’s Air Fighters Comics #3 introduces The Heap in the Sky Wolf story “Wanted by the Nazis” by Harry Stein and Mort Leav.

80 years ago December 1942 Fawcett’s Funny Animals #1 introduces Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, introduced by Captain Marvel.

80 years ago December 1942 Quality’s Hit Comics #25 features the “most sensational hero ever to appear in print!” Drawn by Sheldon Moldoff, Kid Eternity is introduced and dies, and then Things Happen.

80 years ago December 1942 It’s right there on the cover of Fawcett’s Captain Marvel Adventures #18. “Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. proudly present Mary Marvel.” (The issue is dated December 11, but it’s the only December issue.) The story is by Otto Binder and Marc Swayze. (Spoiler: Billy Batson finds out that Mary Batson is his twin sister.)

80 years ago December 1942 It’s “the mystery of the doll who walks like a man!” DC’s Flash Comics #36 introduces The Rag Doll. “Tale of the Treasure Hunt!” is by Gardner Fox and Lou Ferstadt.

75 years ago December 1947 “Extra! Humphrey’s here.” Harvey’s Joe Palooka #15 introduces Humphrey to comic books. The art is signed by Ham Fisher.

75 years ago December 1947 Fawcett’s Captain Marvel Adventures #79 introduces Tawky Tawny in “The Talking Tiger” by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck.

75 years ago December 1947 Fox’s All Great Comics #13 introduces Dagar, the Desert Hawk. It’s also the last issue of All Great Comics, but Dagar, Desert Hawk will continue the numbering.

75 years ago December 1947 Dell’s Four Color #178 features Walt Disney’s Donald Duck, and the story is “Christmas on Bear Mountain” by the then-anonymous Carl Barks. Yes, it’s a Christmas story, but hey! It has a bonus: the introduction of Donald’s Uncle Scrooge McDuck!

65 years ago December 1957 DC’s Batman #112 introduces Signalman. “The Signalman of Crime” is by Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff, and Charles Paris.

60 years ago December 1962 DC’s Adventure Comics #303 introduces Matter-Eater Lad. Yes. Just saying. (He’s from the planet Bismoll. Just saying again.) “The Fantastic Spy!” is by Jerry Siegel and John Forte.

60 years ago December 1962 Who betrayed Ant-Man in Marvel’s Tales to Astonish #38? Is it his buddies, the ants? Or is it Egghead, introduced in this issue? “Betrayed by the Ants!!” is by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby, and Dick Ayers.

55 years ago December 1967 Marvel Super-Heroes #12 introduces Captain Marvel of the Kree, thereby securing the name (used for many prior years by Fawcett) for Marvel. “The Coming of Captain Marvel!” is by Stan Lee, Gene Colan, and Frank Giacoia.

55 years ago December 1967 “Introducing: The one, the only, the unmitigated – Forbush-Man.” Marvel’s Not Brand Echh #5 provides “The Origin of Forbush-Man the Way-Out Wonder” by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Tom Sutton.

55 years ago December 1967 Charlton cancels Judomaster with #98 and Captain Atom with #89.

55 years ago December 1967 The King Comics experiment involving bagging comics in packs to avoid returns (long story) is coming to an end. Mandrake the Magician wrapped up with the November issue (#10), and Flash Gordon #11, Popeye #92, and The Phantom #28 are the last issues of each.

50 years ago December 1972 In “A Stranger Walks among Us!” by Len Wein, Dick Dillin, and Dick Giordano, DC’s Justice League of America #103 contains an unofficial crossover with Marvel involving the (real) Rutland, Vermont, Halloween Parade. The story features (real) comics fans and pros involved in the event. Connected stories appear in Marvel’s Thor #207 (January 1973) and Amazing Adventures #16 (January 1973).

50 years ago December 1972 “We’re going to run our own lives – and you can’t stop us, Super-Dads!” Just like a couple of teenagers. Geez. DC’s World’s Finest Comics #215 introduces Batman, Jr. and Superman, Jr. in a computer simulation in which … Well … Yeah, computer simulation. Anyway, “Saga of the Super Sons!” is by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin, and Henry Scarpelli.

50 years ago December 1972 Charlton’s Midnight Tales #1 cover features the introduction of Professor Coffin and Arachne by Wayne Howard and Nicola Cuti.

50 years ago December 1972 “Beginning this issue! Action-plus with The Human Target!” DC’s Action Comics #419 introduces a new version of The Human Target in “The Assassin-Express Contract!” by Len Wein, Carmine Infantino, and Dick Giordano.

50 years ago December 1972 To whom does Ben Grimm belong? Medusa claims him, but, “He belongs to Thundra – or to no one!!” Who’s Thundra? Well, she’s introduced in Marvel’s Fantastic Four #129 in a story by Roy Thomas, John Buscema, and Joe Sinnott.

50 years ago December 1972 “And a jungle queen is born!” Marvel’s Shanna, the She-Devil #1 introduces Shanna in a story by Carole Seuling, Steve Gerber, George Tuska, and Vince Colletta.

45 years ago December 1977 Marvel’s The X-Men #108 begins John Byrne’s pencils on the series with “Armageddon Now!”

45 years ago December 1977 DC’s Detective Comics #474 introduces the first modern appearance of Deadshot, who first appeared in 1950 in Batman #59. “The Deadshot Ricochet” is by Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers, and Terry Austin.

45 years ago December 1977 Aardvark-Vanaheim’s Cerebus #1 kicks off the epic tale of a sword-wielding aardvark. Creator Dave Sim writes and draws what will become a long running series that begins as what at first seems to be a simple satire on swords and sorcery-focused comics. The first printing has 2,000 copies.

40 years ago December 1982 Masters of the Universe #1 begins a three-issue miniseries from DC based on Mattel’s line of action figurines. “To Tempt the Gods!” is by Paul Kupperberg, George Tuska, and Alfredo Alcala

40 years ago December 1982 Marvel’s The Uncanny X-Men #164 features the change of Ms. Marvel to Binary. “Binary Star!” is by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and Bob Wiacek.

40 years ago December 1982 Marvel’s Epic Illustrated #15 has the first appearance of Dreadstar by Jim Starlin.

40 years ago December 1982 “This woman’s name is … Plastique … and in just one more second she’s going to explode!” DC’s The Fury of Firestorm #7 introduces Plastique in “Plastique Is Another Word for Fear!” by Gerry Conway, Pat Broderick, and Rodin Rodriguez.

40 years ago December 1982 DC’s The New Teen Titans #26 introduces Terra and other characters. “Runaways” is by Marv Wolfman, George Pérez, and Romeo Tanghal.

40 years ago December 1982 Another introduction! DC Comics Presents #52 introduces Ambush Bug in “Negative Woman Goes Berserk!” by Paul Kupperberg, Keith Giffen, and Sal Trapani.

40 years ago December 1982 “Now in every issue:” Green Arrow becomes star of the backup feature in DC’s Detective Comics #521.

40 years ago December 1982 Charlton Bullseye #10 is the last issue.

40 years ago December 1982 “The time has come!” DC’s Camelot 3000 #1 breaks ground. The 12-issue limited series by Mike W. Barr, Brian Bolland, and Bruce Patterson features a future in which characters from the Arthurian saga cope with aliens. The “maxiseries” pioneers DC’s releasing a series only to comics shops and using better quality paper (“Baxter paper”) than newsprint.

40 years ago December 1982 Pacific Comics’ fantasy and science fiction anthology series Alien Worlds begins. Contributors to the first issue include Joe Chiodo, Bruce Jones, Al Williamson, Val Mayerik, Nestor Redondo, and Tim Conrad.

35 years ago December 1987 DC wraps up Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes with #354.

35 years ago December 1987 The Silver Banshee says, “The Silver BansheeTM has won – Superman is dead!” (Yes, she speaks of herself in the third person and manages to add a “TM.”) DC’s Action Comics #595 introduces her in “The Ghost of Superman” by John Byrne and Keith Williams.

35 years ago December 1987 Her name is so nice, but … Marvel introduces the villainous Mercy in The Incredible Hulk #338. (She just wants to do The Hulk a favor, but. Yeah.) “Mercy Killing” is by Peter David, Todd McFarlane, and Jim Sanders III.

35 years ago December 1987 The first of four issues of one of DC’s World of Krypton series begins. “Pieces” by John Byrne, Mike Mignola, and Rick Bryant introduces a bunch of new Kryptonian characters.

35 years ago December 1987 Gladstone’s Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge #224 features “Cash Flow” by Don Rosa, the first of Rosa’s Duck tales to feature The Beagle Boys.

35 years ago December 1987 in “You Say You Want Some Evolution?” Marvel’s X-Factor #23 changes Angel (Warren Worthington III) into Archangel in a cameo. The story is by Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, and Bob Wiacek. More details will emerge in #24.

35 years ago December 1987 DC’s Wasteland anthology series begins with contributions from creators including George Freeman, John Ostrander, David Lloyd, Del Close, William Messner-Loebs, and Don Simpson.

35 years ago December 1987 DC’s Hawkman ends with #17. It’ll be back.

35 years ago December 1987 Marvel’s Solo Avengers begins, starring Hawkeye and Mockingbird. (Next issue, Hawkeye will team with Captain Marvel. So not quite so solo. Just saying.)

30 years ago December 1992 Marvel’s James Bond Jr. #12 wraps up the Marvel series. “Homeward Bound!” is by Dan Abnett, Mario Capaldi, and Bambos Georgioli.

30 years ago December 1992 You want to see The Hulk in bunny slippers? Marvel’s Incredible Hulk reaches #400. There’s other fun stuff in the issue – including a two-part story by Peter David, Jan Duursema, Chris Bachalo, and Mark Farmer.

30 years ago December 1992 “The beginning of the end!” DC’s Superman: The Man of Steel #18 features the first full appearance of Doomsday. “The Death of Superman, Part 1: Doomsday!” is by Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, and Dennis Janke. Although, wait, he’s also in Superman #74 this month. Oh, I see. OK, it’s one of those events!

25 years ago December 1997 Speaking of “those events,” it’s “Big Head” month at DC with covers featuring full face images (many masked). Action Comics #740, Adventures of Superman #553, Azrael #36, Batman #549, The Batman and Robin Adventures #25 … You get the idea.

25 years ago December 1997 “The Countdown Begins … as Worlds Collide!” Marvel returns the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to primary continuity in Heroes Reborn: The Return #1. The story is by Peter David, Salvador Larroca, and Art Thibert.

20 years ago December 2002 DC’s Global Frequency #1 (featuring an organization that combats bad secret projects) begins with “Bombhead” by Warren Ellis and Garry Leach.

20 years ago December 2002 DC’s Batman: Family #1 begins the eight-issue miniseries. “Chapter One: Perception” is by John Francis Moore, Rick Hoberg, and Stefano Gaudiano.

20 years ago December 2002 Image’s The Darkness #1 isn’t the first time Image begins a “Darkness” series; it won’t be the last. Anyway, the story in this issue is by Paul Jenkins and Dale Keown.

20 years ago December 2002 Marvel’s six-issue series Killraven begins with three stories by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

20 years ago December 2002 Marvel’s six-issue series Mekanix begins with “Targets” by Chris Claremont, Juan Bobillo, and Marcelo Sosa.

15 years ago December 2007 It isn’t the first Marvel Howard the Duck series; it won’t be the last. This four-issue series begins with “The Most Dangerous Game Fowl” by Ty Templeton, Juan Bobillo, and Marcelo Sosa.

15 years ago December 2007 What was I just telling you about the 2002 series? This time, the story in Image’s The Darkness #1 is by Phil Hester, Michael Broussard, and Ryan Winn.

15 years ago December 2007 DC’s six-issue series The Authority: Prime begins with “Breach of Trust” by Christos Gage and Darick Robertson.

15 years ago December 2007 How many times shall I write this sort of thing? It’s not the first Batman and the Outsiders series and it won’t be the last. The first issue features “The Chrysalis” by Chuck Dixon, Julian Lopez, and Javier Bergantiño.

15 years ago December 2007 It’s “the team you did not expect to see!” says the first issue of DC’s Green Arrow/Black Canary. Nevertheless, they seem to team up a lot. Just saying. “Dead Again: Part One: Here Comes the Bride” is by Judd Winick and Cliff Chiang.

15 years ago December 2007 Marvel’s previous Omega the Unknown series ended more than three decades earlier. Now, Marvel has added a colon, and Omega: The Unknown begins with a story by Jonathan Lethem, Karl Rusnak, and Farel Dalrymple.

15 years ago December 2007 He’s (it says here) “Gotham City’s other protector.” DC’s Simon Dark begins with “What Simon Does” by Steve Niles and Scott Hampton.

10 years ago December 2012 Marvel’s A+X #1 has variant covers, as it introduces the anthology connected to the “Now! Initiative” (with a whole bunch of other “AX” cover designs, because it’s that sort of event).

10 years ago December 2012 DC’s five-issue Ame-Comi Girls begins, featuring Wonder Woman in the first issue. The story is by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Amanda Conner, Tony Akins, and Walden Wong.

10 years ago December 2012 Dark Horse’s Hellboy in Hell starts with a story by (Hellboy creator) Mike Mignola.

10 years ago December 2012 Yeah, yeah, this is the month for DC’s Phantom Stranger #1. But the series started last month with #0. Sigh. Comics numbering …

10 years ago December 2012 Oh, and here’s a coincidence. This is the month for DC’s Sword of Sorcery #1. But the series started last month with #0. Gee whiz.

10 years ago December 2012 Wait a minute. DC’s Talon #1. Do I have to tell you?

10 years ago December 2012 There are a whole bunch of variant covers for Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers #1. “New Union” is by Rick Remender and John Cassaday.

5 years ago December 2017 Dark Horse’s Hellboy: Krampusnacht is by Mike Mignola and Adam Hughes. It will win the Eisner Award for “Best Story/Single Issue/One-Shot.”

5 years ago December 2017 DC has some “Batman:” one-shots. As in Batman: The Dawnbreaker, Batman: The Drowned, etc. Because you need more cover variants, right?

5 years ago December 2017 There are two stories in Marvel’s Falcon #1. “Bad Kid, Mad City” is by Rodney Barnes and Joshua Cassara. An untitled four-pager is by Robbie Thompson, Mark Bagley, and Andrew Hennessy.

5 years ago December 2017 Archie’s Jughead: The Hunger begins with Jughead joining the circus after turning Reggie into a werewolf. As one would. The story is by Frank Tieri, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, and Jim Amash.

5 years ago December 2017 Marvel’s Mighty Thor celebrates #700 with a 50-page “The Blood of the Norns” story by a whole bunch of people. (Yeah, yeah, the November issue was #23, but it’s another drive-the-collectors-nuts installment. The series is permitted to revisit and continue earlier numberings.)

5 years ago December 2017 It’s not the only Valiant series featuring the characters, but Quantum and Woody! #1 starts a new series with a story by Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano.

5 years ago December 2017 Marvel’s five-issue limited series Spirits of Vengeance begins with “War at the Gates of Hell Part 1” by Victor Gischler and David Baldeon and includes a history of the members of Spirits of Vengeance.