Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for June 14-20, 2024...

150 years ago June 16, 1874 Cartoonist “Dwig” Dwiggins is born. His work appears in newspapers for decades, and he’s best known for School Days and his adaptations of Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn characters. (Some of those stories appear in Doc Savage and Supersnipe comic books.)

140 years ago June 18, 1884 Brazilian artist José Carlos is born.

130 years ago June 14 1894 Austrian artist Ladislaus Kmoch is born. He creates the pioneering Austrian strip Tobias Seicherl.

130 years ago June 16, 1894 Chubblock Holmes by Jack Butler Yeats is introduced in Comic Cuts.

130 years ago June 20, 1894 Philanthropist and Dell Publishing founder George Delacorte is born.

125 years ago June 20, 1899 French political cartoonist and Resistance leader Jean Moulin is born.

115 years ago June 14, 1909 Singer Burl Ives is born. His voice artistry includes Sam the Snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

115 years ago June 18, 1909 Dave Gerard is born. The Will-Yum strip artist also creates the Citizen Smith feature in The Indianapolis Star. (He’s also mayor of Crawfordsville, Indiana, in the 1970s.)

110 years ago June 14, 1914 The Teenie Weenies by William Donahey begins in The Chicago Tribune.

110 years ago June 15, 1914 Cartoonist Saul Steinberg is born.

110 years ago June 15, 1914 Award-winning artist and animator Hilda Terry is born. She creates the Teena comic strip and is one of the first three women to join the National Cartoonists Society.

110 years ago June 16, 1914 Argentine artist Adolfo Mazzone is born. His best known character is Piantadino.

110 years ago June 18, 1914 Walt Ditzen is born. The artist is known for his syndicated Fan Fare feature.

105 years ago June 17, 1919 It’s called Take Barney Google, F’rinstance to begin with, as Barney Google and Snuffy Smith by Billy DeBeck begins. (Want to know more? Google it.)

90 years ago June 18, 1934 Manga creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama is born. He draws Tetsujin 28-go manga, creates Akakage, and produces the 60-volume Sangokushi.

90 years ago June 20, 1934 Mexican cartoonist Eduardo del Rio is born. Working as “Rius,” the writer-artist creates Los Supermachos and Cuba para Principiantes and co-founds the magazine El Chamuco.

90 years ago June 20, 1934 Heinz Edelmann is born. The German animator and artist is especially known for his designs for Yellow Submarine (1968).

80 years ago June 18, 1944 Underground comix cartoonist and poster artist Rick Griffin is born.

75 years ago June 18, 1949 Award-winning writer-artist Chris Van Allsburg is born. Such of his children’s books as The Polar Express and Jumanji tell tales primarily through illustration.

70 years ago June 18, 1954 Editor and publisher Dean Mullaney is born. His Eclipse Enterprises is an early independent comics company, and he goes on to establish IDW’s award-winning The Library of American Comics.

60 years ago June 14, 1964 The Sunday adventure strip Akwas by Mike Roy begins.

60 years ago June 20, 1964 The British comics magazine Wham! begins, introducing Eagle-Eye, Junior Spy by Leo Baxendale.

55 years ago June 14, 1969 The Simpsons writer-producer Tim Long is born.

50 years ago June 19, 1974 Israeli editor, journalist, and writer-artist Yaakov Ashman dies of a heart attack at age 47.

25 years ago June 14, 1999 Japanese artist Yasuji Tanioka dies at age 56.

25 years ago June 15, 1999 Scottish artist John Glashan dies at age 71.

25 years ago June 18, 1999 “Dossier Minimum Bug” in Agent 327 is the smallest comic book.

20 years ago June 17, 2004 Bulgarian artist and director Todor Dinov dies at age 84. He was called the Father of Bulgarian Animation.

20 years ago June 18, 2004 CrossGen Entertainment files for Chapter 11 reorganization at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa.

15 years ago June 19, 2009 Belgian artist Piet Tibos dies at age 78. The creator of De Avonturen van Sebedeus en zijn Ploeg also founded a printing company.

15 years ago June 19, 2009 Belgium’s King Albert II opens the Marc Sleen Museum in Brussels, Belgium: the first dedicated to a Belgian artist while the artist is still alive.

10 years ago June 15, 2014 Swedish writer-artist Sören Axén dies at age 74.

10 years ago June 15, 2014 Award-winning writer-editor Daniel Keyes dies of pneumonia at age 86. Especially known as the author of the award-winning “Flowers for Algernon” (later adapted for the award-winning film Charly), he also wrote and edited for Marvel and EC.

10 years ago June 15, 2014 Voice artist and American Top 40 host Casey Kasem dies at age 82 of Lewy body dementia. His roles included several TV Transformers and Shaggy Rogers in Scooby-Doo.

10 years ago June 16, 2014 Saturday Evening Post cartoon editor and New Yorker staff cartoonist Charles Barsotti dies of brain cancer at age 80. His creations included the Sally Bananas strip.