The latest ComicLink Focused Auction will be live starting at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT on Friday, April 10, 2020. A preview of the Focused Auction is available now. Once the auction goes live it can be accessed on ComicLink’s website, where interested collectors can bid on an extensive, diverse selection of certified comic books from the Golden Age to the present, with many Silver and Bronze Age key and high grade issues. The Focused Auction will run for 2-3 weeks with lots starting to close on Tuesday, April 21.

“The latest Focused Auction is high in both diversity and quality – there is a lot of exciting material, and over four thousand comic books and original art pieces without seller reserves available for collectors to bid on and potentially add to their collections,” ComicLink founder and Managing Director, Josh Nathanson said.

A sample of Silver Age highlights includes two examples of Fantastic Four #1 (first Fantastic Four and origin) CGC 7.0 and CGC 6.5, the book that launched the Marvel Age, as well as #7 CGC 8.5 Signature Series Stan Lee, #48 (first Silver Surfer and Galactus) CGC 8.0, #49 (first Silver Surfer and Galactus cover) CGC 8.5, and #50 (Surfer cover/story) CGC 9.0.

Silver Age highlights include X-Men #1 (first X-Men and Magneto) CGC 6.5, Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man and origin) CGC 3.0 (C-3), Amazing Spider-Man #1 (second Spider-Man, first Jameson) CGC 5.0 and #37 (first Norman Osborn) CGC 9.6, Strange Tales #106 (early Fantastic Four cover) CGC 9.4 and #110 (first Doctor Strange) CGC 8.0, Daredevil #1 (first Dardevil and origin) CGC 9.0, Journey Into Mystery #83 (first Thor and origin) CGC 5.0 and CGC 4.0, and Action Comics #252 (first Supergirl) CGC 5.5.

There are some high grade Silver Age Batman gems including Detective Comics #238 CGC 9.6 (single highest graded), Brave and the Bold #78 (first Copperhead) CGC 9.8 (highest, one of five) and, from the dawn of the Bronze Age, #93 (Adams Batman in the House of Mystery cover/art) CGC 9.8 (highest, one of five). 

Other early Bronze Age (pre-1976) books include Giant-Size X-Men #1 (first Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler, second full Wolverine) CGC 9.8, Amazing Spider-Man #122 (death of the Green Goblin) CGC 9.8 and #129 (first Punisher) CGC 9.6, Werewolf By Night #32 (first Moon Knight) CGC 9.6, Incredible Hulk #181 (first full Wolverine) CGC 9.2, Swamp Thing #1 (first Alec Holland Swamp Thing and origin) CGC 9.8, and Marvel Spotlight #5 (first Ghost Rider and origin) CGC 8.5.

Collectible certified Golden Age offerings include many keys, memorable covers, and high grades. Pre-code horror and sci-fi books include Menace #9 (Gene Colan “Walking Dead” cover) CGC 9.2 (single highest graded), Journey Into Mystery #6 (Everett skeleton wedding cover) CGC 7.0, Black Cat Mystery #50 (face melting cover) CGC 5.0, Weird Tales of the Future #1 CGC 7.0, and Famous Funnies #211 (Frazetta Buck Rogers cover) CGC 9.4.

Golden Age superhero offerings include a relatively affordable example of the key All Star Comics #8 (first Wonder Woman) CGC 0.5, Human Torch #18 (Schomburg WWII cover) CGC 8.0 (top five), Captain America Comics #47 (last Schomburg WWII cover) CGC 5.0 and #62 CGC 4.0, Sub-Mariner Comics #3 (Schomburg WWII Panama Canal invasion cover) CGC 3.0, Weird Comics #9 (1940) CGC 7.0 (top four), Batman #42 (first Catwoman cover in title) CGC 6.5, New York World’s Fair #1939 (first published Sandman, early Superman on cover with blonde hair) CGC 2.0, and Zip Comics #31 (Japanese WWII cover by Irv Novick) CGC 3.5 (scarce book in any grade).

Two historic first issues of iconic Golden Age humor titles are offered: Mad #1 CGC 6.5 and Archie Comics #1 CGC 0.5.

Post-1975 offerings include examples of many major keys of the past 45 years, like X-Men #101 (first Phoenix) CGC 9.8 as well as many other CGC 9.8 graded X-Men issues from the Claremont/Byrne/Austin era, Amazing Spider-Man #194 (first Black Cat) CGC 9.8, #238 (first Hobgoblin) CGC 9.8, #252 (first black costume) CGC 9.8, and #300 (first full Venom) CGC 9.6, Batman Adventures #12 (first Harley Quinn in comics) CGC 9, Captain Marvel (2014) #17 second printing (first Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, first cover on second printing) CGC 9.8, New Mutants #87 (first Cable) CGC 9.8 and #98 (first Deadpool) CGC 9.8, Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 CGC 9.8 Jheeyung Lee variant, and Transformers #1 (first appearance and origin of Autobots and Decepticons) CGC 9.8.

There are hundreds of original art lots with examples by many of the top names in the hobby. A preview is available now and it will be open for bidding on ComicLink’s website on April 10 at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Artists represented include Art Adams, Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, Chris Bachalo, Mark Bagley, Ed Benes, John Bolton, Bob Brown, Rich Buckler, Ernie Chan, Howard Chaykin, Gene Colan, Dan DeCarlo, Mike Deodato, Dick Dillin, Will Eisner, Jason Fabok, Mike Grell, Jackson Guice, Tony Harris, Don Heck, Stuart Immonen, Dan Jurgens, Bob Layton, Jae Lee, Rick Leonardi, Ron Lim, Tom Mandrake, Jerome Opena, Jerry Ordway, Carlos Pacheco, George Pérez, Keith Pollard, Joe Quesada, Ethan Van Sciver, James Sherman, Walt Simonson, Billy Tucci, George Tuska, Matt Wagner, Bill Ward, Bill Willingham, and Leinil Francis Yu.

Examples include Jerry Ordway Justice League of America Index #6 cover with the JLA and the JSA battling a gigantic Darkseid; Carlos Pacheco Fantastic Four #416 page from the final issue of the original run featuring a great tribute to Calvin and Hobbes, plus Beast and Bishop from the “Onslaught” saga, and X-Men #64 splash with a large image of Jubilee; Joe Quesada X-Factor #92 double-page splash with the team in action; Mike Grell Warlord #46 page with strong images of Travis Morgan, the Warlord, in all five panels; Art Adams Classic X-Men #1 cover prelim; Neal Adams Superman and Batman illustration; Mark Bagley Spider-Man vs. Venom illustration; John Bolton Classic X-Men #28 page; Bob Brown Avengers #122 page with the team battling the Zodiac; Rich Buckler Thor #229 unused cover; Gene Colan Night Force #11 half splash; and Dan DeCarlo Betty and Veronica #14 lot of five pages.

Others include Mike Deodato Amazing Spider-Man #522 splash with Spidey facing off with the Dark Avengers and a Justice League of America illustration; Will Eisner Spirit #35 cover prelim; Jason Fabok Harley Quinn illustration; Tom Fleming painted Wildcat trading card art; Gary Frank Avengers #61 page with Yellowjacket, Ant-Man and the Wasp; José Luis García-López Star Raiders graphic novel painted page and Twilight #3 page; Tony Harris Ex Machina #14 two pages (sold separately), Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight unused cover, and Sword of Dracula #1 cover; Don Heck Champions #5 page with Iceman vs. Rampage; and Kyle Hotz Assorted lot of 76 pages of art.

Stuart Immonen Final Night #1 page with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern; Jeff Johnson Wonder Man #5 page with Simon and the Beast vs. Rampage; Dan Jurgens Superman Through Time house ad art; Scott Kolins Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda #1 page with Spidey vs. the Hobgoblin; Bob Layton Solo Avengers #11 page with Hercules in battle; Jae Lee Helborne lot of three pages; Ron Lim Solo Avengers #12 page with Hawkeye vs. the Abomination; Tom Mandrake Batman #359 three page (sold separately); Jerome Moore Detective Comics #522 (1983) Green Arrow title splash with Ollie held captive in an I.N.S. detention center; Jerome Opena Infinity #2 page with Gladiator; George Pérez Crimson Plague #2 page; and Keith Pollard Thor #315 page.

Others include Luke Ross Spectacular Spider-Man #249 page with Spider-Man battling a crazed John Jameson who has the mind of his Man-Wolf persona, and Web of Spider-Man #87 page with Spidey, Richard Fisk and his other identity, the Rose; Tim Seeley Sinbad #1 NYCC cover with good girl art; James Sherman Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #242 page with Superboy and other team members from the epic “Earthwar” saga; Walt Simonson Thor illustration; George Tuska Iron Man Annual #4 page with the Champions – Angel, Hercules and Black Widow – vs. A.I.M.; Matt Wagner Mage: The Hero Discovered #8 page inked by Sam Kieth; Bill Ward 1956 Humorama illustration and a five page lot from Cracked magazine; Bill Willingham Green Lantern #187 (1985) featuring John Stewart; and Leinil Francis Yu pages from Avengers (2015) #19 (Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers cover), #21 and #23 and Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 page with a claws-out Wolverine and the Hulk ready to rumble are also offered.

ComicLink is currently accepting comic book and art consignments for the ComicLink Spring Featured Auction as well as the next Focused Auction launching in June (a preview will post soon) other upcoming auctions for ComicLink.com and CertifiedLink.com (trading cards and memorabilia, coins, certified video games, movie posters, and other certified collectibles). Those interested in selling can reserve auction placement by emailing buysell@comiclink.com, or by calling the sales team at (617) 517-0062 (option 1) or reach out to a sales consultant (Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney). 

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright. They frequently broker private placement deals of valuable Silver and Golden Age keys, as well as prime original art pieces. 

ComicLink’s auction schedule, Comic Book Exchange, and Comic Art Exchange can also be accessed on their website.