ComicConnect’s upcoming Event Auction original art preview is live. “We’re offering art that ranges from amazing to nothing short of spectacular,” said Vincent Zurzolo, COO of ComicConnect. “For starters, don’t miss the earliest known unused John Romita Amazing Spider-Man penciled page from issue #40. The piece is a knockout.”

Also, Zurzolo pointed to a selection of Jack Kirby including six pages from Tales to Astonish #31 plus two pages from Mister Miracle #14. Collectors will also find variant covers from Adam Hughes for Kong of Skull Island #1 and a Mark Brooks from Uncanny Avengers #1. 

Love and Rockets ad by both Los Bros. Hernandez is on the auction block, two pages from Al Feldstein’s first-ever crime story for EC, four Sheldon Moldoff paintings, several pieces by John Buscema including a Silver Surfer page and a page from Wolverine: Bloody Choices, a Vampirella painting by Sanjulian, a Savage Sword of Conan pin-up inked by Walt Simonson, and two fully painted Vampirella and Dejah Thoris covers by Joe Jusko, plus much more. 

The auction ends Monday May 18, 2020. “There’s a wide variety of artwork from all eras and price points,” Zurzolo added. “Best of luck to our clients who delight in hunting one of a kind collectibles.” 

For assistance with collections, ComicConnect can be reached via support@comicconnect.com