Several artists from Greg Hildebrandt’s Spiderweb Art Gallery are represented in the upcoming ComicConnect Auction, according to the gallery. The auction will begin on May 10 and runs through June 10, 2019.

The artwork represented by Spiderweb Art Gallery features styles and budgets for most collectors. The auction contains art by Hildebrandt, such as works from the 1994 Marvel Masterpiece trading card set and the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire trading card set.

Other pieces include both preliminary drawings and finished Magic the Gathering card art by Nelson DeCastro, Mark Romanoski, and Keith Garletts, inked Archie pages by Holly GoLightly, and a selection of personal gallery works by Hildebrandt and Mark Romanoski.

This art can be found at ComicConnect.com by search for the artists’ names.