Issues that see the Fantastic Four crossing over with the X-Men and the Green Arrow teaming-up with the Justice League are featured in Heritage’s next Sunday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction, closing on July 14.

Fantastic Four #28 CGC 9.2 features one of the earliest X-Men/Fantastic Four crossovers, as they go up against the Mad Thinker, Awesome Android, and Puppet Master. This issue contains many major Marvel characters, with cover and art by Jack Kirby, and it was written by Stan Lee.

Justice League of America #4 CGC 9.2 sees DC’s powerful team joined by the Green Arrow for the story, “Doom of the Star Diamond.” The issue starts off with a Murphy Anderson cover of the Justice League trapped inside a diamond with Green Arrow trying to save them by shooting the diamond with a diamond-tipped arrow.

The current auction is filled with 845 lots of comic books, original comic art, and memorabilia. Bidding opens at 6 PM CT on ha.com.