Many comic books and related original art pieces can now be viewed within the ComicLink Summer Featured Auction preview, and even more are on their way. The auction, which begins on August 14, 2019, features their best in certified comic books and original comic and fantasy artwork. ComicLink is still accepting seller consignments for this auction and offering sellers upfront payment advances to sellers interested in participating in this blockbuster event.

Those interested in selling with ComicLink can reserve auction placement by emailing buysell@comiclink.com, by calling the sales team at (617) 517-0062 (option 1), or by reaching out to sales consultants Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney. Consignments are also being accepted for the CertifiedLink.com auction to be held in the fall, which will include certified collectibles, including but not limited to trading cards, coins, and video games.

ComicLink will be premiering a new collection to market in this auction starting with a high grade Spider-Man run. The average condition of this 2,000-book collection, which starts in the early Silver Age, is a high grade 9.6.

Among the other seller consignments already placed to this auction, is one of the top five Golden Age comics in the hobby, All-American Comics #16 (first Green Lantern) CGC 6.5 (also one of the top five certified for the issue). In addition to the Summer Featured Auction opportunity, there is an opportunity to place consignments into the next Focused Auction launching in September (a preview will post soon). 

Comic books recently added are Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man and origin) CGC 4.0, Fantastic Four #12 (first Hulk crossover) CGC 9.4, Batman #121 (first Mr. Freeze) CGC 8.5, Action Comics #252 (first Supergirl) CGC 8.0, X-Men #1 (first X-Men and Magneto) CGC 5.0, Incredible Hulk #181 (first full Wolverine) CGC 9.4, Tales of Suspense #57 (first Hawkeye) CGC 9.6 Curator pedigree, Wonder Woman #7 (Wonder Woman for President cover) CGC 7.0, Tomb of Dracula #10 (first Blade) CGC 9.8, and Superman #35 (Lois Lane cover) CGC 9.8 Hawkeye Pedigree (highest, one of two).

Other highlights include Avengers #1 (first Avengers and origin) CBCS 9.4, Daredevil #1 (first Daredevil and origin) CBCS 9.6 Stan Lee Verified Signature, Silver Surfer #4 (Thor battle cover) CGC 9.8 CVA Exceptional, Showcase #4 (first Silver Age Flash and origin) CGC 3.5, Flash Comics #86 (first Black Canary) CGC 3.5 and #114 (Captain Cold cover) CGC 9.4 (highest, one of four), Fantastic Four #50 (Silver Surfer cover) CBCS 9.6, Journey Into Mystery #89 (Kirby Thor cover) CGC 9.4 and other early issues with Thor that include #105 CGC 9.8 (highest, one of three), #107 (first Grey Gargoyle) CGC 9.8 (highest, one of three) and others, plus Thor #165 (first full Adam Warlock) CGC 9.6, 16 issues from the Timely Captain America Comics group is also impressive, including #18 CGC 8.5, #35 (Schomburg cover) CGC 9.0, #46 (Schomburg WWII Holocaust cover), and #74 (Red Skull “Weird Tales” cover) CGC 5.0.

Some others include Iron Man #1 CGC 9.6, Superboy #89 (first Mon-El) CGC 9.4 (highest, one of two), Brenda Starr #14 (Kamen cover) CGC 6.0, Marvel Tales #109 (Atlas, Everett cover) CGC 9.6 (highest, one of two), Vampirella #1 (first Vampi, Frazetta cover) CGC 9.6, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (first Turtles and origin) CGC 8.0, Blue Bolt #105 (L.B. Cole sci-fi cover) CGC 7.0, and Human Torch #23 (Schomburg robot cover) CGC 9.0.

Impressive original art consignments slated for the auction include a great Todd McFarlane Spider-Man/X-Men cover from Marvel Tales; Don Heck’s twice-up, Tales of Suspense #60 Iron Man title splash; Marie Severin Captain Marvel #15 cover; John Buscema Marvel Two-in-One #34 cover with the Thing and Nighthawk; Herb Trimpe Defenders #73 cover with Hulk, Hellcat and team; Gil Kane Omega the Unknown #8 cover; Bill Sienkiewicz Savage Sword of Conan #102 painted cover; Stephen Platt splash from Marc Spector: Moon Knight #57; Mark Texeira Black Panther #4 cover; Chris Ware Quimby the Mouse page; Al Milgrom Avengers #234 cover featuring the saga of the Scarlet Witch, packed with the many beloved characters from her past; Mark Bagley/Al Williamson cover to Marvel Age #89 featuring the New Warriors in a preview to the first issue of their own series; and Sam Kieth’s stunning painted cover to The Maxx: Maximized #29, featuring Kieth’s signature creation.

Also, the Jim Mooney Ms. Marvel #5 page with Joe Sinnott inks featuring the origin of Carol Danvers’ first alter ego before she became today’s Captain Marvel; John Buscema Wolverine #12 double page splash inked by Bill Sienkiewicz with Wolverine and a huge cast of characters engaged in battle; George Pérez X-Men Annual #3 page with Terry Austin inks featuring Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops and Crisis on Infinite Earths #10 page with Jerry Ordway inks featuring Superman, Batman and dozens of other characters in the key battle with the Anti-Monitor that ended the DC Multiverse; Kevin Eastman Raphael #1 splash with Raph and Casey Jones from the latter’s first appearance; Tony Daniel Damage #4 cover with Damage vs. Poison Ivy; Mico Suayan X-O-Manowar #5 cover; Steve Dillon Preacher #56 page with Herr Starr; and Mike Perkins Astonishing X-Men #51 splash featuring a milestone in Marvel history – the wedding of Northstar and his partner, Kyle.

During the week of July 14-21, ComicLink will meet with clients and take consignments during two shows in Southern California. They’ll attend the Los Angeles Torpedo Comics Collectors Convention on July 14 and Comic-Con International: San Diego on July 18-21. More information on their appearances at these cons can be found in our Industry News section.

ComicLink’s Comic Book and Original Art Focused Auction is now open. Their auction schedule, Comic Book Exchange, and Comic Art Exchange can also be viewed on their website.