The introductions of two major Marvel villains are featured in Heritage’s Sunday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction, which closes September 8, 2019.

Thor and Loki have a showdown in Journey Into Mystery #85 CGC 7.0, which contains the first appearances of Loki, Heimdall, and Asgard, the third of Thor, and a brief appearance by Odin. The issue, with cover and art by Jack Kirby, holds down the No. 49 spot on Overstreet’s list of the “Top 50 Silver Age Comics.” A backup feature with art by Steve Ditko is also included.

Doctor Doom makes his grand entrance and his origin is told in Fantastic Four #5 GD-. The issue is considered the second-most valuable in the series and is ranked No. 19 on Overstreet’s list of the “Top 50 Silver Age Comics.” An early example of cross-promotion, the issue contains a full-page ad for Incredible Hulk #1 and a letter from Roy Thomas, who was Stan Lee’s successor as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics.

Heritage’s next Sunday auction contains 1,118 lots of comics, original art, and memorabilia. Bidding opens at 6 PM CT on ha.com.