Some of the hobby’s rarest and most sought-after comics without a cape are up for auction in ComicConnect’s Event Auction XL. With early comics, including the very first comic book Funnies on Parade, romance books, and Black Americana, the auction has scores of delights that have gone unseen by collectors for years, according to ComicConnect COO Vincent Zurzolo.

“Because they’re so rare, only a handful have been certified by CGC,” Zurzolo said. “Many of the books are either highest or second-highest graded on the census.”

Romance books have become some of the most desirable comics in the hobby, especially those graced with art by one of the masters of good girl art, Matt Baker. Baker got his start in the 40s and became the first and one of the most successful black comic artists to put pencil to page.

Baker collectors will be fighting over Giant Comics Edition #12 CGC 8.0, Pictorial Confessions #1 CGC 7.0, Pictorial Love Stories #1 CGC 7.5, and Teen-Age Romances #1 and #2.

In addition to the Baker books, look for Daring Love #1 CGC 6.0, Reform School Girl #nn CGC 4.0, and Miss America Magazine V1 #1 CGC 7.0 featuring the first appearance of Patsy Walker.

“Investment Collectors have been snapping up Black Americana comics since I’ve been in the hobby, and they’re always some of the hardest books to find. Some of these books I’m seeing for the first time and I’m pleased to offer them in the auction,” Zurzolo said.

They include All Negro Comics #1 CGC 3.5, Negro Heroes #1 CGC 7.0, Negro Romance #2 CGC 5.0 R and #3 CGC 3.0, Don Newcombe #nn CGC 9.0, Jackie Robinson #1 CGC 7.5, and the Amazing Willie Mays #nn CGC 4.0.

The auction end-dates are as follows:
Session 1 (original art, comics: Action Comics #1 - Best) September 9, 2019
Session 2 (BewareFight #35) September 10
Session 3 (Fight ComicsNew Mutants) September 11
Session 4 (New Teen Titans - Zorro) September 12
Session 5 (key comics X-Men Collection) September 13

The entire auction can be viewed on ComicConnect