ComicConnect’s October Monthly Auction ends next week, Monday through Friday, October 14-18, 2019, at 6 PM ET each night. 

“Be sure to really go through every single lot carefully because there’s some real gems I don’t want you to miss,” said Vincent Zurzolo, COO of the auction house. “We have over 2,000 lots ending next week. Dig deep and find your diamond.” 

ComicConnect’s October auction has hundreds of third-party certified comics. Highlights include Action Comics #27 CGC 6.5, Adventure Comics #40 CGC 9.0 R, Amazing Spider-Man #26 CGC 7.5, #96 CGC 9.0, and #149 CGC 9.4, Captain America #100 CGC 9.4 and #182 CGC 9.6, Detective Comics #408 CGC 9.2, Fantastic Four #14 CGC 9.4, and #49 FN/VF pence, Flash #132 CGC 9.8, Mystery Tales run, New Teen Titans #2 CGC 9.4, Showcase #60 CGC 7.0, Silver Surfer #1 VG/FN, Spectacular Spider-Man #64 CGC 9.6, Superman #8 CBCS 0.5, Vault of Horror #14 CGC 4.0, Weird Science #12 CGC 6.5, and X-Men #58 CGC 7.5.

The auction end dates are as follows:
Titles (A-1 - Captain Marvel Adventures) Monday, October 14
Titles (Captain Marvel Jr - From Unknown Worlds) Tuesday, October 15
Titles (G.I. Combat - Mystic) Wednesday, October 16
Titles (Navy Action - Swamp Thing) Thursday, October 17
Titles (Z-Man - Zoot) Friday, October 18

Zurzolo also said that there are hundreds of great books from the Toy Box Comic Collection and the Phantom Lady Collection.

ComicConnect is accepting consignments for its next major auction. To reserve space, which is on a first come, first served basis, they can be reached at (888) 779-7377 or  support@comicconnect.com. Cash advances up to $5 million are available.