Comic collectors can add some interesting titles to their collection with DIGAuction.com’s upcoming Saturday Comic Auction #90, which launches November 30, 2019. These include New Mutants #87 CGC 9.6 (first appearance of Cable and Stryfe), X-Men #101 CGC 8.5 (first appearance of Phoenix, Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut), X-Men #130 CGC 9.6 (first appearance of Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost), Uncanny X-Men #282 CGC 9.2 (first appearance of Bishop), and X-Men #4 CGC 9.8 (first appearance of Omega Red/Arkady Rossovich).

The preview for Saturday Comic Auction #90 on DIGAuction.com begins Wednesday, November 27, with the auction itself available for bidding from November 30 to December 7.

Diamond International Galleries lists over 300 comic books in weekly Saturday Comic Auctions on their DIG Auctions website, ranging from Golden to Modern Age and including graded raw and slabbed comics. All auction listings start at $1 and feature a $10 minimum order. There are no fees for bidding or registering on DIGAuction.com and no buyer’s premium will be charged. Customers can expect the same great high standard of shipping, grading, and customer service that DIG takes pride in offering in all their markets.

Diamond International Galleries is the headquarters for an almost limitless array of comics, original comic art, posters, animation cels and backgrounds, drawings, oils, and antique toys. They have a comprehensive inventory of collectibles, including special limited edition comics like the Marvel Comics #1000 variant cover, designed by artist Matt DiMasi. Copies can be ordered online.