Pedigree Comics will debut an all CGC-certified original owner Bronze Age Collection out of Davie, Florida in their upcoming January 2020 Grand Auction. The auction is scheduled to begin soon on the night of Monday, January 13, 2020, and last for ten days until the night of Thursday, January 23 as a separate event on the Pedigree Comics website (www.PedigreeComics.com).

There is no buyer’s premium on any of the lots in the auction and almost every listing will have no reserve. Every book is CGC-graded and the minimum bid is only $100 for this Grand Auction. Over 300 high grade comics can now be viewed on the website in the Auction Preview under the Auction banner.

The Davie Collection has approximately 600 Bronze Age Marvel comics with some DC issues and some choice magazines. The new, recently certified collection is graded CGC 9.6 and higher. It spans from 1968 to the mid-1980s and features almost every Marvel title and many from DC. There are over 500 comics in the collection and nearly 100 magazines, all in CGC 9.6 and 9.8 grade.

The collector bought every book brand new from a few different comic book shops located in South Florida and never read one of them. He just put each book away in a mylar sleeve and backing board in acid free boxes and stored them in a climate controlled closet for the past 40-plus years. Almost every book has white pages and impressive cover gloss. There are many keys in the collection and many are the CGC highest graded copies and a few are the single highest. 

The collection was consigned to Pedigree Comics in early November. There are still a few hundred books at CGC in the grading process and these books will be finalized shortly and then added to the Auction Preview. More books from the collection will become available for Pedigree’s following auction in March 2020.

All the details of the Davie Collection will be shared on Pedigree’s website and on Scoop.  

This week the focus is on the high grade early 1970s to early ’80s Bronze Age Batman and Detective Comics from the collection. Almost every issue is a 9.6 and higher with only a few in 9.4 and 9.2. There are over 40 issues in total and almost every one has white pages. A bunch are the highest certified copy to date.

This group includes Batman #199 9.2, #221 9.2, #224 9.6, #225 9.6, #228 9.6, #229 9.6, #233 9.6, #235 9.8, #236 9.8 #239 9.4, #241 9.6, #245 9.4, #252 9.4, #253 9.8, #255 9.8, #256 9.4, #258 9.6, #259 9.6, #294 9.8, #317 9.8, #321 9.8, #323 9.8, #334 9.8, #357 9.8, and #359 9.8.

Other highlights are Detective Comics #403 9.8, #412 9.8, #413 9.6, #415 9.4, #416 9.8, #422 9.6, #436 9.6, #446 9.8, #455 9.6, #477 9.8, #482 9.8, #489 9.8, and #532 9.8.

Pedigree is seeking high grade CGC or CBCS-certified comic books to sell or consign. Those interested can go to the site and read the following for all consignment information or contact them directly at (561) 422-1120 or (561) 596-9111 or by email at DougSchmell@pedigreecomics.com

Pedigree will continue to accept new books for the January auction until the night of Monday, January 13. Consigning books sooner means that they will receive more exposure. Pedigree promotes and advertises each auction and sends periodic newsletters to their over 24,000 customers announcing the auction items. Pedigree also offers cash advances for quality consignments so check the site for consignment instructions and get books in now.

The higher the value of the comics sold in a Grand Auction, the more money the consignor takes home under Pedigree Comics’ Climbing Scale as follows:

10% Commission
for any consigned item that sells up to $10,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = 90% of the final bid price); 
9% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $10,000 and up to $25,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = 91% of the final bid price); 
8% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $25,000 and up to $50,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = 92% of the final bid price); 
6% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $50,000 and up to $100,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = 94% of the final bid price);  
5% Commission 
for any consigned item that sells over $100,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = 95% of the final bid)

There are three easy ways to consign books to the upcoming January Grand Auction. The only criteria is that the books must be CGC or CBCS-graded and worth no less than $100. If you have high grade raw books that you want to have certified and sold in the January Auction or a future Grand Auction, you can utilize Pedigree’s Raw To Riches Consignment Service, in which they will have your books certified under their account and will lay out all the CGC or CBCS-grading fees in advance for you (refer to the website and their Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide advertisement for all the details of the Raw to Riches Consignment Service).

To consign you can ship your books directly to their offices in Wellington, Florida. They will inventory, scan, and upload each book into the Grand Auction listing. The books will be listed under your personal account and you will receive email notification at the conclusion of the auction with a list of every consigned book that sold along with the winning bid made.

Email the scans of the books you wish to consign directly to them at DougSchmell@pedigreecomics.com. They will format and upload each scan onto their server and then put each book into the Grand Auction listing. Use a .jpeg format with the resolution set at 72 and the pixel width at 1200 for optimum clarity. If you do not have a scanner you can use a digital camera.

You can upload your own scans, item information, book or art descriptions and reserve amounts, if any, by utilizing their Automated Consignment System. Just register onto the site and login, click the “Customer Page” tab under “Your Account” and then click “Consignments” (under the “Auctions” heading). You will then be able to enter the Pedigree Comics Consignment Management System and list your own CGC or CBCS-certified books. Pedigree will receive an email once you have uploaded the scan and book information for each individual item into the system and they will then review the information imparted for accuracy. The items will then be added to the Grand Auction listing to be bid on.

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots or about the January Grand Auction in general, contact Mr. Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (cell) or at DougSchmell@pedigreecomics.com. For any financial related and consignment payment questions, contact their CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at LisaJoy@pedigreecomics.com and for any technical related questions or concerns, contact their Web Master at WebDesigner@pedigreecomics.com.