The first ComicLink Focused Auction of 2020 is now open, featuring an extensive and diverse selection of more than 7,000 certified comic books from the Golden Age to the present, including many key and high grade Silver and Bronze Age issues. There are over 650 pieces of comic and fantasy related original art, including work by many of the top names in the hobby.

Many of the most desired Silver and early Bronze Age keys are offered, led by such Marvel milestones as Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man) CGC 3.5 and Amazing Spider-Man #1 (second Spider-Man, first Jameson) CBCS 8.5 and #21 CGC 9.8 (highest, one of four), Tales to Astonish #27 (first Ant-Man) CGC 8.0, Incredible Hulk #1 (first Hulk) CGC 4.0 and #181 (first full Wolverine) CGC 9.6, CGC 9.2, and CGC 9.0, Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (first Carol Danvers) CGC 9.6 Western Penn pedigree, Daredevil #1 (first Daredevil) CGC 8.0, #6 (first Mr. Fear) CGC 9.6 Western Penn pedigree, and #7 (first red costume, Sub-Mariner battle cover) CGC 9.4, X-Men #1 (first X-Men and Magneto) CGC 7.5, #4 (first Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) CGC 9.4, #5 CGC 9.4, #7 CGC 9.4, #8 CGC 9.4, and #94 (first “New” X-Men in title) in CGC 9.6, Tomb of Dracula #10 (first Blade) CGC 9.8 and CGC 9.6, Journey Into Mystery #83 (first Thor) CGC 6.5 and CGC 3.5 and #85 (first Loki) CBCS 8.5, Tales of Suspense #39 (first Iron Man) CGC 6.5, Iron Man #1 CGC 9.6, Avengers #1 (first Avengers) CGC 5.5, Fantastic Four #1 (first Fantastic Four) CGC 4.0 and #17 CGC 9.6 Don and Maggie Thompson Collection, Strange Tales #99 CGC 9.0, #101 (Human Torch series begins) CGC 9.0, #115 (first Doctor Strange origin) CGC 9.2, and Annual #2 (first Spider-Man crossover) CGC 9.2, and Tales to Astonish #1 CGC 6.5.

Amazing Spider-Man also include #1 CGC 5.0, #2 (first Vulture) CGC 7.0, #3 (first Doc Ock) CGC 7.0, #6 (first Lizard) CGC 7.5, #13 (first Mysterio) CGC 8.5, #15 (first Kraven) CGC 9.0, #21 CGC 9.6, #27 (Green Goblin cover) CGC 9.4, #50 (first Kingpin) CGC 9.4, #101 (first Morbius) CGC 9.2, and #129 (first Punisher) CGC 9.6.

The high grade Federal Hill collection Sub-Mariner run is offered with dozens of examples all in Near Mint or higher, including #1 CGC 9.6, #8 (Thing battle cover) CGC 9.8, and #34 (first Defenders prelude) CGC 9.8 Twin Cities pedigree. 

DC Silver and early Bronze Age offerings include Action Comics #242 (first Brainiac) CGC 4.5 and #252 (first Supergirl) CGC 7.0, Showcase #4 (first Silver Age Flash) CGC 3.5, #17 (first Adam Strange) CGC 6.0, and #22 (first Silver Age Green Lantern) CGC 2.5, Adventure Comics #247 (first Legion) CGC 6.0, All Star Western #10 (first Jonah Hex) CGC 9.6, Flash Annual #1 (1963) CGC 9.6 (highest, one of four), Justice League of America #1 CGC 6.0, Metal Men #1 CBCS 9.4, Batman #121 (first Mr. Freeze) CGC 5.5, and Detective Comics #411 (first Talia) CGC 9.6. A Warren key is Vampirella #1 (first Vampi) CGC 9.2.

There are over 1,000 rare and highly collectible certified Golden Age offerings including many keys, classic covers, high grades, and even some pedigree examples. Among the highlights are Action Comics #13 (fourth Superman cover), #20, and #29 (first Lois Lane cover).

Also up for bid is an almost complete Golden Age run of Batman #1 (first Joker and first Catwoman) with a CBCS verified Bob Kane signature, #2-6, #8-10, #12-19 (including first Alfred in #16) and dozens more including #23 (Joker cover), #47 (origin issue), and #59 (first Deadshot).

There are also many key issues from the Detective Comics series including #28 (second Batman), #38 (first Robin), #58 (first Penguin), #64 (first Boy Commandos), #66 (first Two-Face), #69 (Robinson Joker cover) CGC 5.5, #71 (Robinson Joker cover), #73 (first Scarecrow cover), #140 (first Riddler), and #225 (first Martian Manhunter), plus World’s Finest Comics #3 (first Scarecrow).

There are relatively affordable coverless examples of some major Golden Age keys including Superman #1 (first expanded origin with first use of Krypton and first Ma and Pa Kent), Wonder Woman #1, More Fun Comics #55 (first Doctor Fate), and Sub-Mariner Comics #1.

Some other Golden Age Timely/Marvel offerings include Sun Girl #1 CGC 8.5 Davis Crippen pedigree (top three), Marvel Mystery Comics #7 (Schomburg cover) CGC 5.0, and Captain America Comics #45 (Schomburg cover) CGC 7.0 and #47 (Schomburg cover) CGC 5.0.

Other notable Golden Age keys include Brenda Starr #14 CGC 6.0, Spirit #22 (Eisner cover) CGC 5.5, Blue Bolt #106 (L.B. Cole sci-fi cover) CGC 6.5, Punch Comics #9 CGC 4.5, Wings Comics #89 CGC 8.0, #91 CGC 6.0, and #93 CGC 7.5, Amazing Adventure Funnies #1 (1940, Centaur) CGC 5.5, and Four Color Comics (Series 1) #16 (first true Mickey Mouse comic book) CGC 3.5.

Some of the most desired pre-code horror, crime, sci-fi, and Good Girl Art comic books are up for bid including Manhunt #14 CGC 5.5, Weird Tales of the Future #5 (Wolverton cover) CGC 4.5, Chamber of Chills #23 (zombie embrace cover) CGC 2.0, Crimes By Woman #54 CGC 7.0, House of Mystery #1 (30-year run begins) CGC 7.0, and a nice selection of ECs including the tough pre-trend Moon Girl #4 CGC 9.2 (top four). There are also many other classic covers by Alex Schomburg, L.B. Cole, and Matt Baker.

Some key Archie Comics include Jackpot Comics #4 (first Archie cover, same month as Pep Comics #22) and Ginger #1. Katy Keene’s two most important appearances are in Wilbur Comics #5 (first Katy Keene) and Katy Keene #1. 

There are thousands of post-1975 certified comic books including the best of the late Bronze and Modern eras including Amazing Spider-Man #194 (first Black Cat) CGC 9.8 and #300 (first full Venom) CGC 9.8, Avengers #196 (first full Taskmaster) CGC 9.8, Batman Adventures #12 (first Harley Quinn in comics) CGC 9.8 and CBCS 9.8, Caliber Presents #1 (first Crow) CGC 9.8, Captain Britain #1 (first Captain Britain) CGC 9.8, Evil Ernie #1 (first Lady Death) CGC 9.8, Eternals #1 (first Eternals) CGC 9.8, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #21 (first Stormshadow, silent issue) CGC 9.8, Iron Fist #14 (first Sabretooth) CGC 9.8, Spidey Super Stories #39 (Thanos-Copter story) CGC 9.8 (single highest graded), Vampirella #113 (scarce final issue) CGC 9.6, Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8, and X-Men #101 (first Phoenix) CGC 9.8, #120 (first Alpha Flight) CGC 9.8, and #129 (first Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost) CGC 9.8.

A few original art panel pages and cover highlights include Jim Lee Justice League #11 page and Superman Unchained #1 page; John Romita Jr. Uncanny X-Men #208 page with the Hellfire Club; Jim Mooney Ms. Marvel #16 page with Ms. M, Scarlet Witch and the Beast; John Buscema Fantastic Four pages; John Byrne Avengers, Wolverine and Wonder Woman pages; Lucio Parrillo Warlord of Mars #30 painted cover; Gil Kane What If? #3 page with Hulk, Sub-Mariner and Iron Man; Tim Sale Catwoman: When in Rome #4 page with a Catwoman/Batman scene; Jim Starlin Infinity Abyss #6 page 1 title splash with Doctor Strange and Adam Warlock and panel pages with Thanos and Spider-Man; Ron Lim Infinity Crusade #6 page with Thanos and Adam Warlock; George Pérez Action Comics #643 page with Superman in battle; Bill Sieknkiewicz Harley Quinn #4 cover prelim with a beautifully detailed illustration of Harley and Poison Ivy; Todd McFarlane Infinity Inc. #34 page; Ed Benes Superman #31 cover with the Man of Steel battling a mind-controlled Lois Lane; Marc Silvestri Wolverine #57 page; and Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre trading card art.

Others art offerings include Art Nichols Night Thrasher #15 cover with the hero battling the Hulk; Adam Kubert X-Men #59 page with Rogue and Quicksilver; Salvador Larroca Psylocke & Archangel: Crimson Dawn #3 cover; Michael Ryan Fear Itself: Black Widow #1 cover; Ken Lashley He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #11 cover; Billy Tan Red Sonja #4 cover; Tim Truman Stellar Conan roleplaying box art; Jim Craig Master of Kung-Fu #55 page with Shang-Chi in battle; Billy Graham Hero For Hire #14 with early Luke Cage in action; Jose Delbo pages from Wonder Woman #250 and #265 with Diana in action; and Mike Zeck Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter page with Spidey in action.

The art session also includes an unusually high number of high quality illustrations by several of the top artists in the hobby. Examples include Esad Ribic Psylocke painting and Bloodshot painting; Adam Hughes – Joker, Mary Marvel, Black Canary, Tigress and The Bride from Kill Bill; Jim Lee – Power Girl; Mike Mignola – Hellboy; Bruce Timm – Harley Quinn and Vampirella and Savage Dragon; J. Scott Campbell – Jungle Girl; Art Adams – Wonder Woman; Dave Cockrum – Phoenix; Gabrielle Dell’Otto – Wolverine vs. Batman, Elektra and Spider-Man; Joe Jusko – Vampirella; Rob Liefeld – Wolverine; Greg Land – Mary Jane Watson; Gonzalo Mayo – Batgirl and Vampirella; Tim Sale – Femme Fatale; Sanjulian – Vampirella; Herb Trimpe – Wolverine; Olivier Coipel – Enchantress; Joseph Michael Linsner – Dawn (two sold separately); Adi Granov – Rogue; and Phil Noto – Batgirl.

ComicLink is currently accepting comic book and art consignments for the ComicLink Winter Featured Auction and the other upcoming auctions for ComicLink.com and the CertifiedLink.com auction starting in March (with certified video games, trading cards, coins, and more). Those interested in selling with ComicLink can reserve auction placement by emailing buysell@comiclink.com, or by calling the sales team at (617) 517-0062 (option 1) or reach out sales consultant (Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli or Ross Kearney).