On December 20, 1940, with war raging across the world, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby introduced the symbol of hope and idealism the weary public desperately needed, Captain America. With millions of good fighting men and women struggling to overcome evil, and the United States still on the sidelines, Captain America Comics #1 served as a breath of inspiration to all, from our purple mountains to our fruited plains. 

“Those wartime readers knew the sacrifices they made were all for the greater good and our generation has been called upon to do the same,” said Vincent Zurzolo, Chief Operating Officer. “Recent market downturns cause jitters, but we’ve seen this before, and investment comics and art are the port in the storm. Nobody really knows what’s coming next, but we can prepare, and we can still inspire and find inspiration.”

Metropolis and ComicConnect are open and their teams are working together to weather this storm with their customers. “We’ve taken measures to reduce social distance as the staff that can work from home is doing so,” Zurzolo added. “And we are cleaning throughout the day while monitoring updates from the CDC, putting all advice into practice as we continue operations.”

The New York City-based companies are working, selling, buying, accepting consignments, and shipping out cartons filled “from our incredible selection of comic books, video games, and original comic art. There’s never been a better time to cull through our inventory and find some inspiration of your own,” Zurzolo added.

ComicConnect is offering cash advances for consignments added to their first auction of the year. For assistance with collections, Director of Consignments, Rob Reynolds can be reached at robr@comicconnect.com or by calling their offices at (888) 779-7377.

“There’s no need to wait for the auction to get paid,” Reynolds said. “We will send you cash immediately upon receipt of your consignments. We will do our part, we will make sacrifices, and we will deliver the high level of service you've come to expect from us.”