Hake’s Auctions closed their first premier event of 2020 in March, totaling $1.5 million in sales. Among the remarkable highlights of this auction were pieces centered on the MI6 super spy James Bond. 

The most impressive highlight from this selection came from the life-like, 14” soft vinyl action puppet that can deliver karate kicks and aim Bond’s famous pistol. Produced in 1965, this 007 puppet surpassed the $5,000 estimate to realize $7,495. The 13” Oddjob action puppet that can deliver karate kicks and throw a dangerous derby, reached $1,947. Both puppets are just the front half with enclosed arms, shoulders, and head. 

A factory-sealed 007 Shooting Attaché Case hammered an impressive $4,484. Along with box art featuring Sean Connery, the case includes an international passport, currency, 12 orange plastic bullets, a JB 007 pistol, separate rifle barrel to attach to pistol, 007 sight, plastic silencer, 007 Code-O-Matic code/decoding machine, and Secret Agent 007 Confidential Code Book. 

Last but certainly not least, a factory-sealed James Bond 007 Spy Tricks Magic Set ended at $678. This briefcase full of secret spy tricks includes a secret pistol, third degree disc trick, secret key detector, Oddjob hat trick, magic spy tag, amazing chain escape, double agent trick, vanishing key, 007 lie detector, and magic money converter.  

All prices include an 18% buyer’s premium. Top items from Wednesday and Thursday can be viewed on Hake’s website.