Hake’s Auctions is running an online action figure auction, filled with over 200 lots of figures from movie and TV properties, as well as comics and sports. Predominately made in the 1970s and ‘80s, all lots start at just $9.99 and are open for bids until Thursday, August 6, 2020.

Top lots start in a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Stormtrooper 12-back-C AFA 80 (punched card) and a 12-back-B AFA 75+ (unpunched card) from Kenner’s ’78 line. There are lots of other Star Wars figures, including a Luke Skywalker 12-back-B, and The Empire Strikes Back Leia Organa (Bespin gown) 32-back-B AFA 75 EX+NM and Han Solo (Hoth outfit) 32-back-A AFA 75+ EX+NM.

Get ready to yell “Go Joe!” for the G.I. Joe Baroness Series 3 32-back CAS 75+ (unpunched card) from Hasbro’s ’83 line. Additional featured G.I. Joe figures include the Cover Girl – Wolverine Driver Serie 2 CAS 85 red carded blister package, Cutter – Hovercraft Pilot Series 3 CAS 85+, Crankcase – A.W.E. Striker Driver Series 4 CAS 90, and Frostbite – Snow Cat Driver Series 4 CAS 85+. All are “Final Engineering Pilot” figures.

Robots in disguise take shape with the Transformers Series 3 Ultra Magnus in factory sealed box with upper flap intact. The 1985 Hasbro toy is factory sealed with contents in Near Mint as packaged. Other Transformers figures include Trakkon Calcar in multilingual box (1992), Insecticon Shrapnel Generation 1 (1984), and Insecticon Bombshell Generation 1 (1984) – all factory sealed in box.

In the realm of sports is the Muhammad Ali – The Champ Mego CAS 80. The 9-1/2” tall figure from 1974 is on an unpunched card.

There’s a trio of World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Mego 8” figures, including a Superman CAS 70+ from 1977 (punched card), and Human Torch Pin Pin CAS 75+ and Spider-Man Pin Pin CAS 70. The latter two are from the ’79 French issued cards, which are punched.

Superheroes are also found in Kenner’s Super Powers line, with Superman and Batman, both Canadian 8-back small card CAS 75 from 1986.

Things get radical with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Sub factory-sealed vehicle. The Playmates toy from 1991 comes with the original store price sticker. A few other featured TMNT figures are the Michaelangelo Series 1 10-back CAS 80 and Splinter Series 1 10-back CAS 75.

Steve Austin and company are ready for adventures with the The Six Million Dollar Man Maskatron AFA 75 Q-EX+/NM, The Bionic Man AFA 75+ Q-EX+/NM (engine block), and The Bionic Woman AFA 70 Q-EX+ (white tracksuit) – all 12” figures are from Kenner’s 1976-1977 line.

Have the power of Greyskull with Masters of the Universe figures like Fisto Series 3 12-back CAS 70, Moss Man Series 4 12-back CAS Y 75, and King Hiss series 5/Snake Men CAS 75, among several others.

These and many more figures are ready for bids now through August 6 at hakes.com.