“Our 43rd Event Auction starts this coming Monday at noon,” Vincent Zurzolo, COO of ComicConnect said. “In addition to elite comics, unique comic art, and video games, ComicConnect is offering the first CGC-certified concert poster auction and an extraordinary collection of props from superhero blockbusters.”

Golden Age highlights are Action Comics #23 CGC 5.5, All American Comics #61 CGC 7.0, All Star Comics #8 CGC 9.4, Detective Comics #29 CGC 1.5 and #168 CGC 5.0, Flash Comics #86 CGC 7.0, More Fun Comics #73 CGC 5.5, Sensation Comics #1 CGC 9.6, Startling Comics #49 CGC 8.5, Superman #1 CBCS 1.5 and #3 CGC 8.5, Wonder Woman #6 CGC 9.4, and Wonderworld #3 CGC 9.4.

Silver Age keys are Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 4.0, Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 7.5, Fantastic Four #5 CGC 9.4, Journey into Mystery #83 CGC 9.0, and Tales of Suspense #39 CBCS 9.2.

Original comic art includes John Byrne pages from X-Men #125, #137, and #138, two first appearances, an Avengers #10 page by Don Heck presenting Immortus, and a Daredevil #4 page by Orlando and Colletta, featuring the Purple Man. Many other artists are featured in this auction including Jack Kirby, Steve Bissette, Joe Quesada, Herb Trimpe, George Pérez, and more.

Screen-used movie props include Cap’s combat helmet and USO shield from Captain America: The First Avenger, Mjolnir from Thor: The Dark World, Wonder Woman’s lasso from Batman V Superman, and Wolverine’s claws from the X-Men movie.

Video game highlights are Donkey Kong (NES) WATA 7.0, Double Dragon (NES) WATA 3.0, Frogger (2600) WATA 9.2, and Spider-Man (2600) WATA 9.8.

There’s also a DC Premiere Collection, which Zurzolo described as a “carefully curated collection of firsts and first appearances.”

ComicConnect is accepting consignments for their next major auction. They can be contacted to reserve space on a first come, first served basis by calling (888) 779-7377 or emailing their staff at support@comicconnect.com. Cash advances up to $5 million are available.